Saying Goodbye

Texas and Dodger were meant for each other, but when Texas dies at her and Will's wedding after she admitted to Dodger her real feelings Dodger is heartbroken. He never goes outside or talks to anyone. When a girl moves into town who is exactly like Texas in almost every aspect, Dodger starts to wonder... Is he getting a second chance at love?


2. One chance at love

Dodger sat on a leather chair that was designed to sooth you and relax you.

It wasn't working. His heart was beating fast, he was sweating and his breaths had become rapid and uneven. He felt himself enter a state of panic. Texas was dying and there was nothing he could do. He waned to marry her, have a family with her... He loved her so, but never got to tell her how much...
"She'll make it through son..." Dirk said trying to reassure Dodger as he sat next to him.
Dodger snapped his head up in alert and frowned. "And where's Will? His fiancée is in that bed and he's gone walkabouts!"
Leanne glanced up from opposite Dodger where she had been comforting Melody.
"Don't take it out on Dirk!" She exclaimed. " He's only trying to help!"
"Yeah, alright..." Dodger sighed sinking lower into his seat.
A nurse emerged into the waiting room. "She's awake" Her announcement was met with a thousand sighs of relief until she added "But she's weak. She may not make it through the night."
Dodger shot up. "Can I see her?"
The nurse shook her head. "Sorry, direct family only."
Leanne urged Melody to step forward. She didn't speak, she did nothing apart from standing and walking solemnly into the room where Texas lay.

30 minutes later Melody returned with a fountain of tears falling down her face like a hurricane. She was shaking and trembling like she could collapse at any second.
Leanne rushed to her feet and to Melody's aid.
Dodger seized the golden opportunity with both hands and darted past them both straight towards the door. To see his one true love.
Texas lay with her arms spread out by her sides and her eyes closed. Her ruby red lips sealed shut, but shown clearly against her pale skin.
"Tex..." Dodger whispered. "Babe..."
Texas' eyes fluttered at the sound of his voice. "Dodger." She mumbled. "I'm sorry."
"Don't ever say that!" He scolded softly as he approached her.
Texas opened her eyes fully and sighed. "I should never have cheated on you with Will. It's always been you that I wanted! I wanted to marry you!"

"And you still can!" Dodger smiled trying to hide his fear.
Texas shook her head and started to gasp for air. "Not this time..."
"What do you mean?" Dodger asked frantically as the life support machine started to bleep out of control.
"It... It just wasn't our lucky day." Texas smiled. "Don't ever be alone Dodge, I will always be coming back for you. Your the one and only... There... There's never just one chance at love, right?" Nurses and Doctors started to hurry into the room.
A tear rolled down Dodger's face and onto Texas' cheek as he leant forward for a last embrace. He kissed her delicately on the lips as a couple of nurses attempted to pull him away. Texas reached out and stroked his cheek, her eyes closing, "I love you." She murmured.
The bleeping getting faster and faster and faster until her eyes closed and it became a never ending sound...

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