Saying Goodbye

Texas and Dodger were meant for each other, but when Texas dies at her and Will's wedding after she admitted to Dodger her real feelings Dodger is heartbroken. He never goes outside or talks to anyone. When a girl moves into town who is exactly like Texas in almost every aspect, Dodger starts to wonder... Is he getting a second chance at love?


1. Confessions

Dodger leant back on the driver seat of his van. He let out a long, deep breath and sighed. He knew he should be at his brother's wedding, but he just couldn't! He couldn't bear to see the girl he loved marry his brother!

Texas Longford.

The love of his life. It all went downhill when Texas cheated on Dodger with Will, his brother. She ended up almost killing Will by pushing him down the stairs at Chez Chez in anger, but yet they ended up ENGAGED!?!?!? Only for Texas to confess to Dodger that she is only with Will because of guilt. She loves Dodger and Dodger loves Texas.

As Dodger lay thinking about Texas he realised he still had time. Time to stop the wedding. He sprung into action and pressed his foot down onto the pedal and spun the wheel.


"TEXAS!" Dodger called out as he ran into the looming marquee tent. He was stopped in his tracks and struck dumb when the scene lay out before him.

There was Texas, lay on a stretcher as two paramedics lifted her up into the air. Her head was crimson red with a flowing river of blood and her arms and legs were twisted into a crooked position. Leanne and Doug, Texas' best friends were streaming with tears and Melody, Texas' mum had collapsed onto the floor. The only person missing was Will.

Leanne looked up to see Dodger standing frozen like an ice sculpture.

"What happened?" He gasped.

"She... She..." Leanne stammered. "She was pushed out of a window at the church. They think she is going to die!"

"Murder?" Dodger questioned Leanne.

She nodded. "I think so..."




So is Texas dead? Who attempted this murder? Where is Will? How will Dodger cope? ~ Chapter Two coming soon!

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