I'm Done

I'm done with her and her lies. Her constant need for attention! She'd do anything just to get a few people to look at her. I can't take it anymore. She used to be my BFFL now I don't know what she is anymore. Maybe a monster. I can't trust her, and when she tells me something about someone, like every girl does, I don't know if i can believe what she's saying at all.


6. Oh 8th Graders...

Natalie, Christina, Zara and I were walking out of gym class when we all stopped to get drinks at the water fountain. I saw an 8th grade girl with extremely short shorts on.  I said something to Naty and the girl turned around "Oh really!? My shorts are to short?" She said to me. Naty, Chrissy and I laughed. Zara walked away. I was wearing my black kneehigh boots with heels, pink skin-tight strechy pants, a brown undershirt, and a pink owl crop top. I ignored the girl. "Helllooooo little child I'm speaking to you!" "I'm not a little child" "Oh, but you're old enough to judge my outfit?" she said. I ignored her again and turned around and started to talk to Naty. "At least I don't dress like a fucking hipster bitch!" She screamed at me. 'Hipsters in darling!!!" i screamed at her as she was waking away. "You'd know that if you paid attention to style! and you should cover more of your ugly ass!" She rolled her eyes in the bacl of her head and kept walking. Naty, Chrissy and I kept laughing and reliving it over and over and over and over again. Until the bell rang. It scared us considering we were right under the main bell. We all walked really fast together since we're on the same team, the same hallway.

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