I'm Done

I'm done with her and her lies. Her constant need for attention! She'd do anything just to get a few people to look at her. I can't take it anymore. She used to be my BFFL now I don't know what she is anymore. Maybe a monster. I can't trust her, and when she tells me something about someone, like every girl does, I don't know if i can believe what she's saying at all.


3. Natalie's Last Mistake.

Today after leaving Chorus class, period 6/7, we were walking back to our lockers, Natalie and I, all the guys in the class, all of them, were walking behind us. I have a guy friend who is extremely important to me. He is also super cute. His name is Bryan Sano. He plays football but he is the biggest sweetheart ever.  So he was absent this one day and we're walking out, my ex-crush Jason Copper, old friend Gassendi Comper, and a bunch of other dudes behind us, Natalie turns around and screams at them. "Amanda had a dream of her and Bryan doing it!" all the guy smiled and laughed and went "ohhh!" as if it was a football game and their favorite team member just fell or something. I can't even take her anymore. It's getting to be to much for me to take. She does things before she thinks all the time. I can't anymore! I came back and went to Math class. I saw my friends Barabara and Amorianna. Amorianna, MM, asked me if i was crying because my mascara was running. "no" i said sniffing up and wiping my eyes hoping they black marks would wipe away. "yes you were." she said and she hugged me. "What happened?" "I explained the whole thing to her. "She's done this to many times. you know it too! I tell you everything. Try to count the enormous amount of times she's done this." MM just sat there thinking. She couldn't find a big-enough number. "I'm sorry" She said. "and guess what else" she said seriously. "what?" I said. "Natalie called me her BFFL this morning and hugged me, and I was like "uhm no, bitch, Amanda's your BFFL."I sat there silently for a moment and then took a breath and said "I don't want to deal with her anymore" I said starting to cry again. All I could think about was the embaressing rumors that will be started because of her, all the things, and they won't even be true. "ok class! we're changing seats. pick up your belongings and go to the side of the room." Mr.Cronin screamed. "uhg" you heard a big moan from half the class, the other half went "YESSS!" or "finally!" I was silent. MM and I stood together with Barbara, Babs, and waited for our new seats to be assigned. Nate came over, Natalie's twin brother, my guy bestie. I told him and he gave me hug. And he said it doesn't matter and that I should stop caring about her because she hurts me so much all the time. "Thank you" I weakly smiled at the three. "I love you guys"i gave them a group hug. "....Amanda! Amanda. Amanda! Miss. Faite!" Mr.Cronin finally screamed. "yes! yes. sorry" "mmmhmmm." He said. "right here." he said tapping the top of one of the desks right in front of the SmartBoard a little to the right, in the middle of the little rectangular shape we had made with the desks. "ok." I smiled at him and sat down. Ryan was told to sit next to me. Across from Ryan was Anthoni, across from me is Ruthie, next to her Dyana, next to me Nicole.

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