I'm Done

I'm done with her and her lies. Her constant need for attention! She'd do anything just to get a few people to look at her. I can't take it anymore. She used to be my BFFL now I don't know what she is anymore. Maybe a monster. I can't trust her, and when she tells me something about someone, like every girl does, I don't know if i can believe what she's saying at all.


4. My Life is Getting Back on Track

Today was a pretty good day considering the past few.  It being Monday today it was kinda hard to get through, but i made it out alive. Over the weekend I had two birthday parties to go to. Maile's on Friday night, and Rojae's on Saturday to Sunday. Rojae's was a sleepover party. It was a lot of fun. We all stayed up until 4:30 in the morning talking, gossiping, telling stories, playing truth or dare, anything we could do quietly. It was a lot of fun. Maile's was a small pool party of the High School in Washingtonville. Vicki, Celine L., Kevin M., Misieal., and she who must not be named were all there. Besides she who mustn't be named acting like my best friend the whole time, the party was really fun. Maile, Vicki and I were in the pool together the whole time, laughing and cracking perverted jokes. So, I had a really good weekend. And after Rojae's party me and my school bestie, Amanda Palachio went to the beach and took lots of pics. Anyway, today I saw my friend Joi(joy), and went up to her during lunch. I started to pull the back of her hair and she refused to turn around and just continued saying "who's behind me" the whole time until Cameron Croosb turned around and explained my appearance. "...uhm, glasses, kinda pretty" he winked at me. The little ,man-whore."goth looking" he finished. "you little douche" I leaned over Joi as I said it "you wanna go, gorgeous?" "woah, Joi! what the fuck is he talking about "go"?" I said to Joi. "uhm i don't know" she laughed. "dick" I said to Cameron as i walked away. "you know you wanna suck it!" he screamed at me. I contained myself, and, the actions I so badly wanted to perform and I just walked away.  " fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." I silently said in my head as I walked over to Marianne and Courtney, "heyyo" I shouted, being the outgoing, non-caring freak I am.  Marianne screamed in fright as I jumped up on her back. "hia" she said back. Courtney was being silent. She's very shy, and self-contious. She's a little chubby and she worries way to much about what other people think of her appearance. I mean of course there are people like Cameron Croosb, but he's a one of a kind weirdo, like Justin Calowai. After lunch I went to my locker to get my stuff for chorus, being it's another B/D day. And you'd never guess who I saw. I saw Justin Calowai and Paul Pousen in the principal's office, all I could think was "oh. my. Gosh. What has Justin gotten himself into this time?"  I just hoped for the best for Justin, considering I almost love him....   and I hoped for the worst for that gay, emo, fag Paul. He cheated on Amorianna as a joke. He lied and pretended to be my friend. All at the same time. I hate him.

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