Too Late To Change

Annabelle Fox has been a Member of the Secret Underground Investigation Alliance since she was nine years old. She was taken from her home as they told her for her own protection she should become an Agent and she, out of fear, agreed. Little did she know that this was lie, there was no one out to get her other than the people she now trusted.

Sixteen years later and twenty four year old Annabelle lives a very complicated life, her partner has been in a coma for the past two years, her social life sometimes a distant memory and she doesn't want to work with someone else for fear of loosing them too.

But when Detective Nathan Battleford is assigned to her case she finds herself enjoying working with him, even if he is annoying. He also comes to see that she'd more than just an agent and he want to help, wants her to have the life she's missed out on, but is it too late too change?

A case of hope and betrayal, the first installment in the 'Girl in the shadows' series.


1. The Agents Promise

Beep Beep Beep Beep. The noise of her alarm awoke Anna from her slumber; she looked at her phone in annoyance. Seriously every morning! She thought turning off the painful sound before rolling onto her back and starring at her ceiling. Another day she thought how many more to come…

She threw back the blanket that was over her and ran a hand through her hair, she would have to add getting up early to the list of things that she hated about her job and should be banned in at least fifty countries!

As soon as her feet touched the cold floor she realized that she wasn’t in her bedroom. What was I doing last night? She asked herself. She saw that she was in her living room, her bare feet touching the cold laminate floor. She looked at her sofa then back around the room at least I got some sleep she thought before standing up.

She felt a sharp pain in her stomach, a month before hand she had got in the way of a bullet luckily her vest had helped a bit but the bullet had almost gone through it! The impact had badly bruised the skin; the sheer force of it had sent her flying backwards into the oncoming traffic. After one month off work she still wasn’t ready for going back but she hated being at home.

She lived in a big house on her own, it was always empty, she never had anyone around, she lived alone sometimes that’s how she preferred it, that way she didn’t have to face the pain of losing that someone if something happened to them like it had…like it had with Ashley.

She walked up the stairs to her room and sat at her dressing table. In front of her was her jewellery box, it was black with a gold rim. Her boss had given it her the day she became an agent many, many years ago.

On the lid there was an inscription. “Omnium somniorum, et vivat anima mea tueri testor populi terrae. Numquam prodere nec dereliquisti eos: et recordatus sum ut veniat, et quod adhuc est mihi necessitas.” She read it aloud.

It was the Latin translation of, everyone has dreams, I swear on my life to live and protect the peoples of this earth. To never betray or abandon them, i remember what is yet to come and know that they still need me.

It was the promise of agents, one they all said. She had first said it when she was nine years old, too young, too young to change.

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