Too Late To Change

Annabelle Fox has been a Member of the Secret Underground Investigation Alliance since she was nine years old. She was taken from her home as they told her for her own protection she should become an Agent and she, out of fear, agreed. Little did she know that this was lie, there was no one out to get her other than the people she now trusted.

Sixteen years later and twenty four year old Annabelle lives a very complicated life, her partner has been in a coma for the past two years, her social life sometimes a distant memory and she doesn't want to work with someone else for fear of loosing them too.

But when Detective Nathan Battleford is assigned to her case she finds herself enjoying working with him, even if he is annoying. He also comes to see that she'd more than just an agent and he want to help, wants her to have the life she's missed out on, but is it too late too change?

A case of hope and betrayal, the first installment in the 'Girl in the shadows' series.


3. Dark Secrets

16 years Earlier...

"Grab the child!" Someone shouted and an agent lept forward sweeping the child in his arms.


"Annabelle!" Her farther shouted, the desperate cry of a parent for their child.


"Daddy!" The girl screamed, scared by the situation, by the little hope of seeing her farther, with only the teddy bear in her arms for comfort.


"I'll find you! I promise you I'll find you!" He didn't though, she never saw either of her parents again, and for a child so young their faces soon faded from her memory, only their last cries for her remained.


Annabelle was taken to the Chief agent at the SUIA, Kolvan Artem, an ex Russian army commander, Anna's farther used to work for him but then he found out that Kolvan was planning to use Anna as an experiment in using children as agents, that was what the fight at the house was about. It was about Annabelle.


"My name is Kolvan Artem." He explained to the small child in front of him who seemed to be clutching onto a teddy bear to save herself from the world she was now in. "I'm going to be your friend and your Chief while you're here."


"What am I doing here?" She asked with what seemed no fear in her voice whatsoever. Full of fire he thought so clever for one so young.  Part of him knew that it was a lot to ask of someone her age but it would be very much worth it in the end.

She'd be the perfect agent, she was already fluent in nine languages and knew mixed martial arts. She could, would do this.


"Annabelle, we want you to join us and become an agent of the Secret Underground Investigation Alliance." He explained. He clicked his fingers and one of the guards brought him what looked like a black jewelery box with a golden rim and golden inscription on the lid. "Can you read what this says?" He asked as the writing was in Latin.


"Everyone has dreams, I swear on my life to live and protect the peoples of this earth. To never betray or abandon them, i remember what is yet to come and know that they still need me." She read aloud.


"This is the agents promise Annabelle, you will help many people by doing this...what do you say?"


She swallowed. "I'm never going to see my parents again am I?"


"We don't know..." He lied and the girl saw straight through him.


"Yeah you do. But I will never turn my back on anyone, that's something i learned from them. So, i suppose i agree." Little did she know that by agreeing she'd practically signed away her life. Something thing inside of Kolvan said he should hate himself for what he was about to put this girl through but in a way he knew it was going to be worth it.


Within two years she'd completed all the training and she could begin field work. She was good, very good. By the time she was seventeen she was the best agent the service had, although Kolvan was proud of the way the experiment had turned out he couldn't help but think. What about her childhood? She'll never play with toys, go to school or do the things that children do. Him and the rest of the service had taken that away from her.


He had assigned her with Ashley Faith and to be honest that was the only good thing her ever did for her. She brought Anna out of the lonely shell she'd built for herself helping her enjoy her life in anyway she could. Her, Ash, Logan, Ethan and Jess became great friends almost a family but then things went wrong and the family divided.


They were in an accident putting Ashely into a coma, she still lies there now, the constant, taunting beep of the heart monitor as the machines keep her alive. This tore Annabelle apart, she built a very high wall around her self refusing anyone to see the broken girl inside. Occasionally she could forget, if only for a second about the horrors that the morning may bring. She would smile with her old friends and she would remember these moments, as it was the only thing aside her job that kept her going.

-Her job as an agent was the only thing she ever knew, she didn't know what to be without it. She was head of their team below Kolvan and Jess, Logan and Ethan all came to the conclusion that they wanted their little sister back.

Even if it was too late to change.

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