Too Late To Change

Annabelle Fox has been a Member of the Secret Underground Investigation Alliance since she was nine years old. She was taken from her home as they told her for her own protection she should become an Agent and she, out of fear, agreed. Little did she know that this was lie, there was no one out to get her other than the people she now trusted.

Sixteen years later and twenty four year old Annabelle lives a very complicated life, her partner has been in a coma for the past two years, her social life sometimes a distant memory and she doesn't want to work with someone else for fear of loosing them too.

But when Detective Nathan Battleford is assigned to her case she finds herself enjoying working with him, even if he is annoying. He also comes to see that she'd more than just an agent and he want to help, wants her to have the life she's missed out on, but is it too late too change?

A case of hope and betrayal, the first installment in the 'Girl in the shadows' series.


4. Creepily familiar...

"Mr Marlon!" Nathan shouted banging on the door to the author's mansion. "I'm Detective Battleford open up!"

Anna rolled her eyes, this guy's got it all wrong


"Move out the way." She said waving her hand for him to more. Once he was out the way she kicked the door down in one movement.


"Ok now that's just cheating!" Nathan laughed as the two entered the house, for some reason Anna found herself with the faintest smile, for the first time in long while, a real smile. Not a fake one that she put on for the others but a genuine one, she didn't know whether to be happy or freaked out.


"WHATS GOING ON!" Marlon shouted coming down the stairs meeting them in them in the massive hall.


"So now he hears us..." Anna mumbles to Nathan who raises his eyes brows with a smirk.


"You did just kick his door down." he remained her.


"HELLO! DOOR! HOUSE! YOU! WHY?" Marlon shouted and it took all the will power Anna had not to slap him in the face.


"Mr Marlon I'm Special Agent Annabelle Fox of the SUIA and this is Detective Battleford, we need to speak to you about this woman." Anna started showing him the photo of the woman they found. "At around one o'clock this morning poisoned with cyanide on a rag that was held around her mouth, knocking her out. She didn't breath enough in to kill her luckily. She was found with a drivers license belonging to a 'Rachel Thunder' in one hand and a copy of 'Thunder and lightning in the other."


"Oh my god...wait till my editor finds out!" He exclaimed.


"I'm sorry Marlon..." Nathan started with a shocked,somewhat annoyed tone in his voice. "But we've just told you a woman was poisoned the same way as you kill a character in your books and you haven't asked if she's okay, you've not reacted in any way I would think as normal what so ever."


"And how am i meant to react?" Andy asked looking the two of them up and down.


"Well natural reaction would've been, why would someone use part of my story? Is someone making a threat towards me? And possibly they don't kill this woman because their real target is me." Anna explained and Marlon just looked at them blankly " You don't seem at all fazed by this situation Mr Marlon, almost as if you already knew, only no infomation on the woman, her attack or even her name has been released to the press so how would you know."


"You don't even know her name." He said and Nathan looked at Anna whose eyes narrowed.


"Excuse me?" She asked.


"The woman, you don't even know what her real name is." Marlon explained.


"and how do you now that?"


"you must have said..." He weakly attempted. BUSTED were the first thought in both of their heads.


"I only said we found a drivers licence with name Rachel Thunder on, i never said if we had worked out her real name or not. How could you know about that unless..."


"Unless..." Nathan said catching on to what i was getting at "You drugged this woman in order to rocket your book sales."


"No!" Marlon exclaimed.


"You were gonna wait till she was out of hospital and give her some money to keep her quiet." Anna added.




"Then how do you know about the name!" Both the Agent and Detective exclaimed in unison.


"Because he called me! Whoever is dong this rang me, said he'd got my little niece Sophia, just like in book when a nine year old girl is taken from her home, told me about the woman, that you wouldn't know her name, that you'd come 'round asking me all sorts of questions but i wasn't to tell you what he'd said," He explained and there was something about the 'nine year old taken form her home' that seemed creepily familiar for Annabelle.


"So why tell us now?" Nathan asked.


"Because i want my brothers daughter home and safe! This is all my fault..." He sat on the bottom step and put hi shead in his hands


"Bang goes that theory...." Nathan mutters to Annabelle.


"Yeah...but now a child's involved....this just got a whole lot worse."





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