Beauty and The Games

What if popstar and teen sensation Justin Bieber praticipad in 76th annual Hunger Games?.

Find out here.

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P.S. i am not English so if i make a mistake in writing , dont stop reading please


2. Saying Goodbye to the ones you really love

 Me and Cleo followed the Peacekeepers to the Justice Building. Cleo and I held hands and she got taken away screaming my name. That could be Selena next. 'Cleo, everything is going to be oke'. She was fifteen but had some mental issues ever since she saw here twelve year old sister Isobel died. Isobel got a sword in her stomach. She didn't stop screaming  so they gave her something to calm down. I can hear her cry. I sat down on a cherry red couch. I' ve got less than 3 minutes to get my act together. Playing the big brother who's scared of nothing. Than  I heard a deep man's voice saying 'You've got three minutes'. My mom, Jaxon and Jazmyn came in. 'Justin, are you oke?' my mom asks as I gave her a big hug and kiss both of her cheeks gently. 'Yes......, uhm no'. I say relieved.' I am sorry , I cannot be strong right now. I hope I didnt dissapointed syou.'

'No!, you silly'. Mom says while she is giving me a light punch on my arm. I can see on her face she's fighting back the tears. 'Mom, please stay strong for the children's sake.' I say . It's like I am the parent and she is the kid. 'Here , Justin, this is for you'. Jazmyn says and give's me a purple braided bracelet wit a heart on it and the descreption. "For Justin, the best brother in the whole world.". Purple is my favorite color and the message is so cute. 'Thanks Jaz, you're the best sister in the whole world' i say while stroking  trough  her hair. Kissing her and giving her a bear bug. Jaxon  just said 'Good luck'. That kinda breaked my heart but oh well. 'The three minutes are over' the same man as before said. My family was crying , so I started crying. 'Please win, for me!!' Jazmyn yelled hughing me. 'I will, honey.I will'. I said to Jazmyn wich some men carried away , leaving me alone. Jaz was screaming and crying. The door closed with a loud "boom" as I heard a tortued scream from Jaz. What are the doining. I heard the door fly open as I led my head on my knees. 'Justin!'. Selena yelled  as she was running towards me. I picked her up and flu her around. She gave me  kiss. Than she hide into my shirt. 'Baby, just be calm for a second , there's something sticking out of your jacket.' Selena, who  I guess forgot remeberd again. 'Oh, yeah. Here'. She gave me a pink letter coverd in her yummy perfume. I loved that perfume , it like seduces you. 'C'mon, open it' she orderd me. 'Oke, Oke'. I opend the letter.

Dear Justin,

This maybe be the last time we can speak. I guess in a sorta way.

Soon you will be on The Games and I will be alone.

Thinking about you every day and night .

I just wanted you to know that I............... Love you.


I LOVE YOU, Justin Drew Bieber. I really do.

I don 't care about my  friends saying you're no good. You are good. Good for me

You're the best thing that ever happend to me.

Especcialy when Scarlet died.

You stood before my door with some flowers  you sercetly got from the forest.

You did'nt mind if  I was crying . Red puffed eyes and a drooling noose. Man, that must have been true horror. But you, you stayed. I can write thousand of letters ,  but even a book would'nt be enough to say how much you mean to me, how much I need you  , how much I love you. Rember I always  love you and you  always will be mine. Please win for me. Good luck.Un Happy Hunger Games and May the odds be never in our favor.

Love always, Sincerly

You're Selena Marie (Gomez) Bieber



Man , that is so emotional. We hugged and I never wanted this moment to end. I whispered in her ear. Saying I will. And how much this letter means to me. I gave her one last kiss. 'It's time' .

'No, No-o . Selenaaaaaa!' I yelled. 'Justinnnn'. She yelled , also she was carried away. Hystercally screaming. Than all the noises died. And I felt alone. I wanted company. The Peacekeepers came in, and dragged me away. I was leaded to a huge train. It  was shiny silver and beautiful. Emerald could'nt stop talking about how amazing the train was and how fast. We climbed aboard  the train. Cleo just sat there . Her red eyes looking sad trough the window. 'Cleo and Justin, I want you to meet your mentor. Lupe Monroe.' a  brown hair coloured girl came into the room we where in. Her brown eyes  caught my eye. She remind me of Selena. Lupe waved at us. Lupe Monroe won the Games last year. By using a knife, some tin paper and matches. I was impressed. 'So, I have the honor to be your mentor this year. Cleora and Justin.' Lupe said. I cannot believe  she stayed this strong. The Capitol killed her family because she did'nt want to practipad in President Snow's sneaky and dirty plans. Her five year old sister Eleanor, Chase, and her mother. Her father died just like most people in '12. I wanted to say that  Cleo and I where honnored to have her as oure mentor. I am happy it's not Haymitch who deciced to hertire. How much I admired her. Lupe and Emerald went to some room to talk. And to give me and Cleo some private time. 'Cleora, ha?' I said to a Cleo who was in the clouds. Finally she responded.' Yes, that's me. Cleora or Cleo for friends Belle Ferguson.' Cleora said, I think she wanted to sound happy , but she could'nt. 'So, can I call you Cleo?' I asksed with a smile dancing on my lips. 'Sure, why not' Cleo said while shrugging her tiny shoulders. She came so close to me , her blond hair tickled me. I wanted to pick her up and but her on my lap. Kissing her soft skin. Stroking her honey blond hair. Danm it, I think I am in love with Cleo. The girl my best friend has a crush on. 'Do you really think I can win this stupid thing?' she asksed. 'Of course , Cle' I said, but if Cleo was going to win that mant that I would die. And if I was going to win, she was going to die. But there was a good chance no one of us whe're going to survive. I hate this stupid "game", yeah . This is a game to them. And most of all I hate president Snow. I hate, hate.I Aboustuly louth that guy. Emerald and Lupe come walking in when me and Cleo are hugging. 'Hh-mm' Emerald says. Akwardly Cleo and I seperate from the nice hug. 'Uhm'. We said in unison. Cleo stood up and muttered ' I'm tired, I am going to sleep' . She said , excusing herself . She went to her room. Lupe , Emerald and I stayed in the dinnig room. 'Can you excuse me' I said , not waiting for a answer. I pushed my chair back with a beeping sound. I went to Cleo's room, knocked on the door and said 'Cle, it's me ' I guess that's my new nickname for her. 'Justin, it's you?' . 'Yes, can I come in?'. 'Sure, why not'. Cleo opend the door, she had been crying. I took her in my arms as she was crying. 'I-I am sorry for  always crying and leaving the dinnigroom like that.' Cleo still was crying. 'Hey, it's not your fault.' I said '  It's too much, it's too much'. She said. I said sushing her. I  wrapped  my arms around  Cleo's tiny waist and we ...........  freaking passionate  kissed. The kiss was romantic. Damn it, what have we done. I mean in less than  five days we need to kill eachother. But I don't want to kill Cleo. We separete from the kiss. Cleo was flushing and bitting her lip. 'That was, really , really urm nice' Cleo says smiling. 'Ya, I know. Now, we need to go back before they expect something'. I whispered in her ear. 'O-oke, that's probaly the best thing to do' Cleo rolls her eyes. I think she wanted to continue our kissing party. 'What do mean?, you wanted to continue this. I have a girlfriend back home'. I kissed her again. Cleo pulls back. She kicked me in a unplessant place. 'Jerk,you will be the first to one on my to die list . Bieber!' She trew me against a wall, I hoped she was going to kiss me again. Men , was wrong with me. Cleo hated my guts right now, she 's furious  with me, says my name with disgusting.Cleo storms out of the room. 'Cleo, babe. Whe're you going?' We were in the hallway. 'Dont, you dare say that to me' . Cleo punched me in the nose. 'Hey, what's happing here?, guys. Emerald call some help' Lupe screams, Emerald runs out of the room. 'You both are going to sit down and explain to me what happend. Justin , you can go first'. Lupe says firm but friendly. 'Well, I came into to room. To comfort Cleo and she just kissed me and became agressive towards me' I say pretending I am the victom but I am  not, I knew this was not the truth. But oh, well. 'You dirty liar, you are just a pig. You freaking kissed ME' Cleo says while crossing her arms.'Lupe, I want to go solo' Cleo goes back her room.Emerald came back in the room while looking at Cleo's outburst. 'What happend  here?' a confused Emerald asked. 'Nothing just a disagriment between Cleo and Justin' Lupe says like the huge fight was nothing, she waves her hand like it isn't nothing. *Emerald whispers to Lupe* 'I told you those two where to close if you ask me.  Justin tried something is'nt it.  I go look at Cleo's '. Emerald looks cocky to me as she says 'Ah' and trowhs her hair at me. I roll my eyes. Lupe and me are alone. 'So, spill it . Did you or didnt you kiss Cleora Ferguson?' Lupe says firmly. I feel like I am in a court. 'Maybe , it was innocent. We just kissed nothing more than that.' A smirk was dancing on my lips.' I wouldnt mind doing more than kissing with Cleo'. Lupe pulls up a eyebrow. 'What do you mean?'. 'The S word' I say while arrogant smiling and pulling my jacket straight. 'I cant  argue with Cleo on this one , you are a jerk.' . 'Do, you wanted to be in Cleo's place?'. Lupe rolls her eyes. I put my arm on her but she trews it of. 'Jerk'. Lupe also hates my guts, way to go. Justin. There goes your chance of winnig. I would'nt mind kissing Lupe either, Emerald on the other hand , is not my type. I cannot help being a player. That's what  Selena complains about. My feelings for her are getting smaller and smaller  and bigger for Cleo. Tomorrow is her 16th birthday. It's dinner time , and I am sitting alone. Lupe and Cleo are eatting on Cleo's room ,gossiping about how much a jerk I am. It's true, I am one. A big one. I dont know, why Emerald is not eating with me but I guess she has some kind of reason. I am eatting duck with tomato flowers and mashed ginger patoeto. The dessert are melon balls. Then I go back to my room. 'Everybody , including Justin. Come to dinnig room' Emerald says exciting, the part of me less. Cleo and Lupe walk arm in arm into the room. Like there best friends. The have both things in common. Like the're both kinda hot, look like movie stars  and oh, ya they both hate me. I  sat down in the suede seat.  Cleo and Lupe are giving me dirty looks. 'Everyone put the accident from earlier and focus on the Games. Yes?' We all nod oure  heads. 'So, Lupe give the kids advice for  surviving'. 'Well, I need to think. Do not trust anyone , Always watch your back and dont be a JERK, right?. Bieber' She says towards me.  I take Lupe inside. 'Just stop acting, Lupe. I know you have feelings for me. You might say no, but your eyes tell a other story'. Lupe runs away. 'What did he do?' Cleo asks whispering. 'He just said I had some kind of   ff fee- feelings for him' Lupe starts laughing really loud as of somebody just told the funniest joke ever.  They continue whispering ' He also want to do the s word with you'. Cleo's mouth is about 10 meter open. 'Are you serious?, that guy is just crazy. Mentally disturbed' . ' So, did  HE kiss you?'. 'Yeah, and than he told me he had a freaking girlfriend back home. In '12'. Cleo says angry. 'What a jerk!'. 'Exactly'. So Lupe and Cleo both hate my guts.

Cleo's P.O.V

I really hate Justin. I mean first he kisses me and say I kissed him and then he wanted to the "S" word with me . Jeez, he is just insane and a huge jerk . So I decided I 'm gonna kill him first when the Games start if I don't kill him before that. I mean he is really cute and stuff but his personallity. Nah.




So , what do you guys think will happen. Will they be a item or will Cleo continue to hate Justin's guts. BTW, what do you think of him?. Love tya. Comment, vote and favorite












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