Love Guard

Katie falls in love with the life guard at the local swimming pool and her friend Kirsty tries to help her, as she is going up against the most popular girl in her year, Linzy Marline...


2. Over Arm

Kirsty stayed at my house last night just to see if i was ok. The next morning Kirsty and I walked to school, we didnt feel like getting the bus. We spoke about how we were going to try and get the life guard to like me again. We finally arived at school. I climbed into my seat and got on with my work. Mrs Bea said there was a new student in the class. It was him, the life guard from the swimming pool. His name was Drew Carrson, even his name sounded dreamy. He came and sat behind my desk. I started to sweat and felt nervous. Finally the lesson was over, and i actually felt relived about it, even though English was my favourite lesson. Kirsty sat next to me at lunch and i told her all about it. The next lesson was P.E. and that was my best subject. We were playing netball and i was on the oposit team off Linzy and Drew. I got the first shot. Linzy was giving me some really dirty looks across the court. So i aimed the ball to fire at her. But, Drew pushed Linzy out of the way and the ball bounced right of the end of his nose. I felt even worse now. But, it kinda was his fault if he hadnt moved in the way of my shot it wouldnt of hit him.

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