Versailles (Historical Fiction Comp.)

My entry for the 'Historical Fiction' competition. I haven't done a comp. before but I hope you like it anyway.
Set in Germany, after the first world war when officials are forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles or face Invasion, Klara sees the effect on her country and wants to do something about it. Will she succeed when she breaks the rules?


6. Occupation: Unemployed

"Any luck?" I asked Hans desperately as he entered the house for the third day in a row looking disappointed and upset. He shook his head and a worried groan escaped my lips. Mother had been slowly improving since Hans had come home but I was worried that at any moment she might get over the excitement and slowly slip back into her former state, especially if she found out that after three days of looking for every job possible he still hadn't even seen an advertisement.

"Don't go upstairs and tell mother" I finally told him "Tell Lilli though. She needs to know"

"Why? She doesn't know I'm looking for a job in the first place"

"I know but if I look for one too it might increase-"

"Klara! You? But-"

"You're right," I sighed, giving the whole idea up "It sounded good in my head. But Lilli deserves to know. She may be younger than us but she is fifteen and well I would want to know. So would you"

"Alright," he said finally "I'll tell her. You look after mother and try to make her smile"

I found my legs slowly moving up the stairs towards her bedroom. Thankfully, she was asleep. I didn't think I could  have made her smile and she would only pestered me for news I would eventually given to her.

Why did the war have to start? Otto, Hans' twin, would still be alive. Father would still be alive. He'd probably have his job still too. Then we could pay for a doctor for mother. But there was nothing anyone could do about that.

And why did we have to lose? More to the point, why did the "big three" have to be so harshly cruel? Then the whole country wouldn't be in this mess. Neither would my family.

Everything is entirely their fault

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