Versailles (Historical Fiction Comp.)

My entry for the 'Historical Fiction' competition. I haven't done a comp. before but I hope you like it anyway.
Set in Germany, after the first world war when officials are forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles or face Invasion, Klara sees the effect on her country and wants to do something about it. Will she succeed when she breaks the rules?


3. No mercy

Our fault?! How could those "Big Three" even dare to hint the war was our fault when it was started because of Serbians killing the Austrian heir? Then the Russians joining? Germany joined the Great War to help a friend. Austria. We weren't the only ones either. Britain, who joined to 'help' Belgium was one of the ones responsible for that outrageous law. They had no right to blame us!

And the reparations for the French! Half the damage had been caused by them themselves fighting us! They could ask for 6,600 million pounds or franks or whatever other currency but they wouldn't get it. We were in an economy crisis just as bad as theirs- maybe worse considering they had the Americans who could afford to give away large amounts of supplies. Taking away our colonies- which they had no right to, they already took the best ones- was only going to make the situation worse!

All supposed to make us weaker. To make them look like big heroes while we were villainous dogs rolling on the floor, cowering beneath them, or to make us no threat. They'd forced us to lose what little money we had left. We had hardly any food. Everything was suddenly our fault. Their greediness in taking land rightfully belonging to us had split Germany in half. Not only land, but colonies too. We now had to demilitarise our own border. Either because the French were such cowards they were afraid of us in a state like this or the other countries were weakening us for a reason. An attack? If so, we weren't allowed even to try and defend ourselves well

Tears dropped down my face, embittered by a feeling of humiliation. I dropped the newspaper in my hand over the side of my bed onto the floor and cried. This treaty affected everyone- down to the last baby who knew nothing of the war. Who knew nothing of why he would never know his father. Why I would not see mine again. Poverty was sweeping our nation fast. Food was running out and we had no one to help us. Mother had been trying to get a job ever since father died. She hadn't been able to yet. Was this what father died for?

And the "Big Three" knew it. They  knew what their treaty would do.

Pride and anger shot through me once again, stopping the flow of salty tears pouring down my cheeks like a rain-storm. They weren't going to win this overall. They were fools. They assumed we would let this happened to us and do nothing. They were wrong. We would get our revenge.

The only question was how

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