Versailles (Historical Fiction Comp.)

My entry for the 'Historical Fiction' competition. I haven't done a comp. before but I hope you like it anyway.
Set in Germany, after the first world war when officials are forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles or face Invasion, Klara sees the effect on her country and wants to do something about it. Will she succeed when she breaks the rules?


2. Klara

"Klara! It's been signed!"

My sister Lilli came half-flying into my bedroom, frightened, her face pale as milk and her eyes trembling with fear. At fifteen she was only two years younger than me, but I still regarded her as a little girl.

"Mother says come downstairs. The treaty has been signed!"

Treaty? What treaty? At first my confused mind couldn't make out what had happened. Then I realised, and seconds later I was running down as fast as she had.

I found my mother sitting on the sofa, crying, her head in her hands. Seeing me through her wet fingers, she said something to my sister in a voice so weak I could barely hear it. My sister picked up a newspaper from mother's lap and handed it to her. The bold headline flashed out at me.


Immediately, I ran upstairs with the newspaper, ignoring my sister's calls of "Klara! Where are you taking that?". I didn't want to read it in front of them. I could tell from their expressions it was bad news and my own reaction would just hurt mother, if not Lilli, even more

Sitting down on a chair in my room, I started to read the condensed version of the demands made to our country which were featured in the article. My face went as pale as Lilli's, then a furious red as my eyes drew in more and my information


'The war is now entirely the fault of the Fatherland according to the treaty

Germany must pay 6,600,000,000 marks in reparations to France in spite of our economy crisis. All our colonies abroad are given to Britain, France and other countries meaning a further loss in money

We lose Alsace-Lorraine, the Polish corridor and are forced to demilitarise the Rhineland on our borders next to France

We may have only 100,000 men in our army, no submarines, tanks or aeroplanes and just six battleships in our navy

We are forbidden to unite with Austria again'


That was the gist of it; there were other demands but I couldn't read any more- the anger inside me had built up to much.

"Klara?" Lilli asked anxiously as she peered in the door.

I looked at her, knowing if I opened my mouth the tiniest bit, it would all explode out in a gushing rapid of thoughts. I wanted to scream. Lilli saw my expression and wisely left.

I wasn't an adult, I was seventeen and a girl but that didn't mean I didn't know every but of information that was given from the front lines, that didn't mean I didn't care. I behaved more like a boy or a man when I was angry. I got it from dad.

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