Versailles (Historical Fiction Comp.)

My entry for the 'Historical Fiction' competition. I haven't done a comp. before but I hope you like it anyway.
Set in Germany, after the first world war when officials are forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles or face Invasion, Klara sees the effect on her country and wants to do something about it. Will she succeed when she breaks the rules?


5. Hans

A knock on the door startled me out of worrying for Mother. Who could it be? No one really visited us, father was dead and my brothers had both gone missing in action. In other words, they was dead but we'd been told to have half a hope for each of them.

I wiped the tears that had started to fall down my cheeks as memories of them flashed across my mind. Then I ran to the door as the knocking sounded again.

I couldn't believe it. A single figure stood there, his hand in a sling but alive and unhurt otherwise, smiling down at me. Hans.

I hugged him with all my strength, burying my face in his shoulder as he hugged back.

"What's wrong" he finally said, releasing me. "Where's everyone else? Are they all here?"

I thought I had no more tears left, but I felt my cheeks become wet. He didn't know there was just me, mother and Lilli left. I stuttered it out in a weak voice and his joy turned to sorrow.

I hadn't even mentioned mothers condition but before I could add to the atmosphere Lilli came flying downstairs with a cry. I disappeared to check on mother, knowing Hans would have to see her soon.

She was half asleep but sat up when I entered, as weak and thin as ever.

"Klara!" she said worriedly "Who is at the door? Why have you been crying?". For the first time I smiled. It felt good. I hadn't done so for days and I could tell from the look on her face mother was confused but what I said next changed her expression and I ran downstairs to fetch my siblings

"Hans is here mother. He's alive!"



OK having writers block when the comp. deadline is in two days is not a good thing. I hope you like it so far and I will try to update soon


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