Versailles (Historical Fiction Comp.)

My entry for the 'Historical Fiction' competition. I haven't done a comp. before but I hope you like it anyway.
Set in Germany, after the first world war when officials are forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles or face Invasion, Klara sees the effect on her country and wants to do something about it. Will she succeed when she breaks the rules?


7. Food

Walking back through the streets, I couldn't believe how thin everyone looked. But that could have been my imagination over-reacting, which happened a lot. Inside my coat I had sowed a secret pocket and hidden as much food as I had been able to buy in it. I don't know why I'd hidden it.

A commotion coming from the street to my left caught my attention and I hurried over to find a two policeman trying to stop a desperate man from grabbing meat off of passers by. He had to steal to survive. Because of the war. Because of the treaty. Because of the "Big Three".

I prayed that at least the prisons had enough food because that was where he was going. I could tell form the expressions of the policemen. But did he have a family? He looked up and I caught sight of his face. I vaguely recognised him, but I wasn't sure of his name. He lived alone a couple of houses away from us.

I hurried home and gave all the food to Lilli as soon as I was inside who did her best to make a meal with the meat and vegetables I brought back. The scent was soon wafting through our house and my stomach rumbled. I could hear mother's making its own sound through the door to her room and I giggled. I went in and found her sitting up, looking as happy as I did.

"When's lunch" she asked brightly.

I couldn't help but laugh at that, both from relief that she was feeling better and from the fact that I'd been thinking exactly the same thing.

"I don't know mother. Whenever Lilli's finished cooking"

"Lilli?" she asked, surprised "she doesn't normally cook"

"True," I answered "I'd better check she doesn't set the house on fire". My laughter was gone and I could see mother had noticed. I went downstairs to check on her, then back upstairs to find mother had half dropped asleep.

"I'm sorry Klara," she muttered "I didn't mean to make you sad again"

"I'm not sad," I said as I hugged her "So don't be sorry"

We were both woken up later by Lilli, who'd found us both fallen asleep when she came to give us the cooked meal. I devoured it hungrily and saw the other two doing the same. I wondered why Lilli hadn't cooked meals before. But then mother had been well. And she would be well now, if we could get a doctor.

If it weren't for the Big Three



Argh! Writers block on deadline day! oh well hope you like it anyway and if anyone has any feedback, it is more than welcome (but quickly please!)

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