Dear Dad, Mum's Gone.

This story is for the History Competition.
Hope you enjoy!


3. The First Of The Bombing.

"We have been warned that the first signs of war will be deadly. Keep indoors, protect each other. We will try to keep you informed."


Mother, Robert and I sat in the garden. Ralph was asleep in the garden chair a few metres away. Our garden was vast, with a small fence, drawing a line around our garden. The sun was out, but only a few splashes of light at a time. The clouds hid it, like the mist hid my father. A sudden noise surprised us all. The sun, once again, hid behind the clouds, but this time, for quite a while.

"Mother, what's that noise?"

I looked up from my book to the sky. The noise sounded threatening. The roar of planes, that I'd only hear once before. It was a noise I could never forget.

Mother looked up from her garden to the darkening sky. The noise grew louder with every second. It sure woke Ralph up. Both Robert and Ralph crowded around mother and I. Louder and louder the noise grew. Finally, we spotted the planes. Many, many planes. All flying over head.

Mother grabbed Ralph, and ordered Robert and I indoors.

"Robert, your an expert on planes. What were they? And why are there so many?"

The noise wouldn't stop. Still it continued, washing out poor Robert's voice. Then came the shrill whistles. Pouring from the sky, whistling noises, almost enough to deafen us. Mum held Ralph's ears. Then, the noise we all dreaded to hear. An explosion. Then another. Then another. Until the only noise around, was explosions. More and more, one even exploding outside the house.

Screams pierced the air. Shouts called out. Debris splattered the garden, along with pieces of shrapnel. Then...silence. Nothing. Just the crackling of flames. And the distant engines of planes. The War had begun.

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