Dear Dad, Mum's Gone.

This story is for the History Competition.
Hope you enjoy!


7. The Aftermath - Part 2

Mothers body was lifted from the ground, unravelled and hauled out of the huge gap in the window. My thoughts rewound back to the moments being in the shelter. I didn't remember mother leaving. All I could hear was her gentle voice, whispering to Robert, calming Ralph. Then to me.

"I love you, Nancy, and the war shall end before we know it. I have a good feeling."

Her words were like distant echoes now, filling the air around me. I could feel her warm breath on my skin, her soft voice tickling me. Where was she now? In Heaven? I did not believe in such a place, but now that she was gone, maybe that was where she was. In Heaven.

"Nancy, what about dad?"

An idea struck my mind. It wasn't a very good one, but if he were to know, it'd get to him much quicker then expected. I snuck up behind a laughing Warden (what was there to laugh at? It was a ruddy war!) and managed to slip a pen free from his uniform. The lady chatting to him looked down at me briefly, and seemed to recognise me. Then she winked, and the Warden straightened his Uniform. Did he really think he had a shot at Miss Bellow?

Robert delivered a piece of paper from me, and we both sat on the grass, ad wrote. Wrote until the sun went down. Wrote until the grass tickled, wrote until the sirens began. We didn't care, even though we knew what was coming. There was death in the air. I knew we could both smell it. But who would it be this time?

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