Dear Dad, Mum's Gone.

This story is for the History Competition.
Hope you enjoy!


4. London In Panic - A Few Weeks Later.

"Pieces of new equipment, such as Bomb Shelters, Gas Masks and Rationing Books should held you to survive the war. Don't forget The Bomb Sirens. Remember, don't forget the All Clear. One should be sounded every few hours."


Almost every child in London was being evacuated. It was all so surreal. Night after night, the air raid siren blared, giving me less then four hours sleep. Sometimes, I couldn't even fall asleep at all. And this was night after night. After night, after night, after night. I couldn't believe what an effect it was having on Robert or Ralph. Neither of them could keep their eyes open.

Mother had forbid us to leave London.

"You are not leaving me. I'm not losing anybody else, thank you."

So, as mother had instructed, we all stayed in London. Sadly, as a main city, Germany thought they had the right to bomb it. On the 16th November, Hitler stated something along the lines of 'I don't care about buildings or factories, kill the women and children!"

Another sadly...16th November was my birthday. So, on that day, mother denied any of us the chance to leave the house. Not even to go in the garden.

That evening, on my birthday, mum blocked up the windows, and shut the thick, black curtains, preventing any of our light from escaping. It was also known as a blackout. The whole city would shut off any light, apart from, of course torchlight. We all sat in the living room, mum silently completing a puzzle. Robert, Ralph and I read the books I'd received as birthday presents. I loved reading. I even kept a book in the shelter in our back garden.

Suddenly, as expected, a siren. Mum was up and ready before I'd even shut the book.

"Kids, grab your coats, it's cold outside."

I took mine, and passed Ralph's over, as he was too small to reach his. Then it was through the window to reach the back garden. Over head, the planes were once again flying, the noise as frightening as the bombs. I could think of a saying right then and there, one I'd made up myself. WITH PLANES, COME BOMBS. WITH BOMBS, COME GERMANY. And, if I wanted to add a little more... WITH GERMANY, COMES WAR.

The cold, almost-winter wind bit at my legs. That night was one of the coldest I'd experienced. Ralph clambered into the shelter first. Then Robert. Next was myself, and finally, mother was last. We all sat, trying to hide ourselves under the blankets, make ourselves invisible. The dreaded noise. The rumbling of distant planes, arriving on time. Then, the sky lit up with orange and yellow flames. Planes, and bombs, filled the silence. Screams and shouts were the aftermath. Rubble, glass, shrapnel, bodies and houses were also among the aftermath. It was only a short bombing, and to be honest, we were all glad of it.

Mum stuck her head out, and watched the last of the bombs that landed. One exploded behind us, one shook the house. I didn't want to leave the shelter. I didn't want to leave it EVER.

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