Dear Dad, Mum's Gone.

This story is for the History Competition.
Hope you enjoy!


8. Epilogue - The Letter

Dear Dad,

We have news. It is not good. We hope (Robert and I, Nancy) you will arrive home quickly, and we hope that you too, will be safe there, at War. Mother is...dead. Mother died, sadly, in an air raid. She did not leave the shelter, yet she ended up in the house, under the carpet. Ralph suggested she went out for the Rationing Books, but we believe otherwise. We love you dad, we do.


Sorry if our handwriting is messy. We are writing this by the light of not just the moon, but the fire of a now gone Miss Bellow. Yes, she too, is dead. She winked at me, Nancy, just this morning. Hitler is in for it, dad, we assure you. If I see that Hell-Of-A-Hun I will... I will bomb him myself. Robert agrees. We do not know where Ralph has gotten too. Collecting Shrapnel, I suppose.


Sorry for this distressing letter. We love you, dad. This wasn't our fault, I hope you trust us. We hope you arrive soon, and help us, and help yourself, and mum, too.

Love you always...

The Children Of Mum And Dad.

RIP MUM, 1901 - 1939

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