It all started with a hug. A hug caused by the cold weather. We went on a long journey together. Hiding, running, and sharing the fear of every moment that passed by. The fear that we would get caught. Well, we do. The tortures, the beatings, and the whippings, all the hurting words they gave us. But, after a while. Just to be near the air he's in or near, was all that was needed to heal me. Just his touch on my skin, a huge smile would appear. And near the end. When there were no more tortures, there was no more him, to help me breath this life. This story wont be like so many of Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings; so many unfinished. And it will definitely not be like any of Shakespeare's stories; all tragic. I will not let it. And I know he wont either.


5. 5

"What have you done girl!" Mother yelled. 

"Oh my lord. Please help us. Please I pray." She put her hands up like asking God to 'help' her.

"The Duke's family will be hear any second now! Oh what do we do?" She walked fast in a circle in front of Victoria, vey excited and lost. "Why would you do such a thing Victoria!" She asked, angrily now. 

The door bell rang. 

Victoria looked at the clock in her room; 5 minutes left until it's 6 o'clock. 

"Oh my. They are here! Ehhhh. They must not see you! They must not see you until you have fixed yourself. You must not greet them in the door. Listen, now I'm going downstairs and do not come, okay? Do you understand little miss Lady? Please at least do one thing right for me in this life I have." Mother left still talking to god or- herself.

 I have just one chance and I am not ignoring it. 



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