It all started with a hug. A hug caused by the cold weather. We went on a long journey together. Hiding, running, and sharing the fear of every moment that passed by. The fear that we would get caught. Well, we do. The tortures, the beatings, and the whippings, all the hurting words they gave us. But, after a while. Just to be near the air he's in or near, was all that was needed to heal me. Just his touch on my skin, a huge smile would appear. And near the end. When there were no more tortures, there was no more him, to help me breath this life. This story wont be like so many of Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings; so many unfinished. And it will definitely not be like any of Shakespeare's stories; all tragic. I will not let it. And I know he wont either.


3. 3

The morning passed and noon came the speed of a butterfly. However, not the speed of light. Hours passed without anyone knowing the existence of them. Victoria made those long-seeming hours pass by sitting on the soft cushioned couch staring through the window into the fields behind the mansion. Which you would usually call backyards and lawns. The workers never did anything wrong. So the garden always looked perfect. If only people could be that way; be perfect. The garden on the left side of the soil was Victoria's. She took care of it when she was a little. Everyone else including her parents seemed so much happier back then; even the nice workers who would sometimes play with her. Well, she knew that nothing would replace childhood and that life would only get worse and harder. Looking back to childhood only makes people smile when they're having a bad day. It was around two o'clock and Victoria had been ordered to get ready quite long ago.  

Victoria was startled when loud noises of footsteps came across the hallway. "Victoria I thought I had told you to get ready half an hour ago!" Vic's mother yelled, very angrily. 

"Get up at once!" Victoria dragged herself across the endless corridor into her room. 

She looked at her closet with that face that shows her boredom. The part of the brain where sudden and, strange ideas came from lighted up from the heavy dragging of the day. She had an idea whilst, dragging her dresses to one end of her closet tube to the other end. She would wear the ugliest and crappiest thing she has. And maybe even add a few pieces of fabric to make it look like trash. Even the skin of maids have never touched this kind of fabric. She smiled at her own idea. She grinned and crossed her elbows, putting up her index finger across her chin, like she is thinking.


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