Once bitten forever Changed (Teen Wolf)

"You know when its Halloween and a person is wearing a mask and your trying to figure out who it is" I said They nodded what does that have to do with the monster tho Isaac said I looked at him "cause it felt like that I looked into his eyes and They looked so familiar" I said with my voice trailed off

* THIS IS BASED ON SEASON 2 OF TEEN WOLF With A little Things I added Onn my Own *


1. ~Chapter One ~


~Samantha's P.o.v~ 

I woke Up The Next Morning A Little Cold Today So I Took a nice hot shower when i.was Done I changed into my Blue stripped sweater And my blue Jeans With with my Blue beanie. As I got ready I herd My phone Buzzed When i got out of my Restroom It was stiles "Morning" he Said "morning" i said "You ready i'm like down the block from your House" Stiles Said "yeah I'm done" I said "K" he said. We Said Are goodbye's And hung up I got My Backpack And My As i Herd a Honk From Out Side So I Went down stairs And Got inside Stiles Jeep I let out A Sigh as We Drove Off "I Like your Outfit"  Stiles said "Thank you" I said  it was A Quiet Ride to School We Finally got to school Stiles got out And Ran Over to my side and Opened The door For me I Thank Him We went to the La cross Field I saw Allison there Already "Hey"I Said "Hey " She Said As I hugged her We watched The Boys Practice For La Cross I saw Isaac And smiled At him He waved And I waved back Scott Looked at Him And back to me when they were done they went Back inside the locker room As Me And Allison went to The End of the Hall To wait for Scott  and Stiles . Me And Allison talked For a while Until the Boys Came "Hey" Scott And Stiles Said At the Same Time "hey" me and Allison said I hugged stiles and Scott We Walked to Our First Period Which is Coach Finstock  i had him for English I zoned Out In his class As he Began Talking " McCall!!" coach Finstock Yelled I shook my head And Looked at him " what the hell Are you thinking You Need to pay more Attention And Pick Up your Damn Grades McCall" He Yelled at me Ugh i really Hate him He was Screaming At me the Hole period and Kept Blabbering About how i never Pay Any attention in his Class the bell Rang finally I got Up "Sam I want you To start paying more Damn Attention" Coach Finstock Yelled At me one last time I rolled my eyes And Walked out Scott stiles Allison Lydia And Isaac Were Waiting for me down the Hall "What Happened" Isaac Asked i let out A Sigh "Fucking coach Finstock Screamed At me and he Just fucked up my mood" I said "Will a hug Help my Little sister"Scott said i laughed "Yes Please" i said he opened his Arms And i hugged Him Everyone came in To the Hug  I laughed a little and they pulled away We Went to Mr.Harris's Class next I sat with Isaac today Erica Came in And Was About to sit with Isaac But then Notice I was Sitting With Him She Glared At me As i rolled My Eyes at her She went to Sit With Stiles since it was the only Seat Taken i herd Isaac let out a sigh as he looked threw His backpack "What's Wrong" i asked "Nothing Do You Have a Penile I can use Isaac Asked I smiled and Gave him my pencil And Got my Other pencil off my back pack the Class past by quickly Then i thought The Bell had Rang To the Next class Which Was P.E I groaned As we walked To the Gymnasium Me And Allison went to The Girls Locker Room i changed into my Usual gym Cloths I then Put my hair in A Pony tail When i was Done With my hair Allison was Waiting For me I was About to Leave but Erica stopped me Off my Tracks "what The Hell Do you think your doing" She Said i Looked at her confused "what"i asked "you and Isaac What the Hell is Going on" She Yells i smirked "Why should you care Are you Jealous"I said she Smirked As She Was About to Slap me but I Stopped her "Dint Even Think about it Bitch" I said as i twisted Her Hand To her Back i let her Go Cause She Was Crying from pain I pushed her Off and Walked Out side to The Gym Where Everyone was I saw Isaac so I walked Up to him "Hey there"I said As i walked up to him "Oh Hey beautiful" He said I blushed a Little I looked Back at Erica From Across the room She Glared at me i smirked And Rolled my Eyes "SAM LAHEY Y'all Are Up!"coach Finstock Yelled I smiled and So did He we Went Up Scott and Stiles helped me get the Things strap in me When they were done I started Climbing So did Isaac I smirked As i saw him struggle A little Bit "Wait Up Sam"Isaac said so i did. When He came A little Closer We talked As we Began Climbing again Then i had An Idea He Stopped for moment And Looked at Me I smiled Down and So did he his hand was next to me So I Pushed him off On Purpose and He Landed Face First on the mats I laughed as i got to the top i came back Up Scott and Stiles took the Things off Of me I walked Up to Isaac He had A Fake Hurt Face On "That was so Not cool"he said i laughed "I think it was" i said He started to Tickle me until My Brother Came "Hey Sam" Scott Said I was Still laughing my head Off Until Isaac Saw Scott So he stopped "Oh Hey Scott Whats Up" I said "um i just Wanted to see if you were going to go see Lydia Today At the Hospital" Scott said "Yeah i am Why" i said "No I'm just asking Y'all Can go back Tickling Each other " Scott said. I notice Isaac had his Hands Around my waist i blushed I guess He Notice but he Did't pull his Hands Away from me He kept them There and Pulled me Closer I smiled And Looked around I notice Erica Staring at are Direction We staid Like the until The class Finished Isaac Let go Of me And we went are Separate ways I Changed back into My Cloths And Put Perfume On my but then All of a Sudden Felt my Chest hurt And my hands started shaking Allison Looked at me I ran Out of the Locker room to Find Erica On the Floor and Scott holding Her Putting her Down cause She Started shaking "Put her in the Side"Allison Said Scott did what she told him "whats Wrong with her" Coach Finstock "She's having a seizure  Put her On her Side"Allison told Scott he nodded and switched her To the Left She Calmed down A bit"Alright Everyone go back in side The Lockers"coach Finstock Said we All went back To the Locker Rooms "how did you know"Allison Asked I looked at Her "I don't know To be honest"I said Allison was about to say something but the Bell rang and We Went to Lunch Me and Isaac Dropped Off our Backpacks And went to get our Lunch We Talked For A While As We stood In line And We finally Got our lunch And walked away To Our table I sat Next to Isaac And Scott We Were Talking and Eating At the same time When we were Done We went off To Are Class  I had math with Allison the Hole Day went Pretty Boring As Usual 

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