Marya is a typical teenager. All she wanted to do this summer was hang out with her friends; but her parents made her go to a camp for eight weeks with her sister Lavender. Marya hates everything about the camp, especially her sister. When Lavender gets injured, Marya has to face some things she would rather not face and she is scarred forever.


4. The Investigation




“Hello Officer Doughty. I’m Lavenders’ sister Marya.”


“I’m sorry about your sister,” the officer said.


“Yeah…So you’re here to find out who pushed her?”


“Yes. I will find out who did it, and make sure they get a good talking to.”


“Thank you.”


“You’re welcome Marya. Shall we get this investigation under way?”


“Yes Officer Doughty.”


“Good. So where did she get pushed off from?”


“Um…Rosemary will know.”


“Rosemary, where was Lavender sitting when she got pushed off?” I asked.


“She was sitting on the big rock outside the dining hall like she always is.”


“Did you see anyone around?” said the officer.


“Not a soul.”


“Did you see her fall?”


“I did not.”


“Well, thank you Rosemary for the information. I will do everything I can to find the person who did this to your friend,” said Officer Doughty turning to Marya.


“Let’s look at the spot and see if we can find any clues.”


“Okay,” I said.


He took his dusting kit out to check for finger prints. He soon found a set and said he would go back to the lab to find out whose it was. After he left, I felt more alone and depressed then ever.


Who could have pushed her? It couldn’t have been Rosemary. Kino? No, I was sitting right next to her the whole time in the dining hall. Hadley? No, she was working in the kitchen. Who?


This kept running through my mind all night. The only person who could have done it was Rosemary. It was incredulous that she would have done it. Rosemary was an innocent little girl who had been best friends with Lavender since they had met in preschool.


Meanwhile, Lavender was having a dream that she was in her cabin with this guy who was holding her hostage. She was trying to stay calm...but she couldn’t stand what he was making her do. She had to do all sorts of things like wash his back and wash his dirty toenails. Disgusting work.


“There is no activity in her brain. I think she is brain dead. I’m sorry,” said the nurse.




“I am so sorry. Perhaps you should call your parents.”


“Okay. Yeah I guess I should. May I have the phone?”




“Yes honey?”


“Lavender sort of got hurt and is in the infirmary. The nurse says she is brain dead,” I explained to our mom.


“Oh gosh. Keep it together. Keep it together,” Mom said, calming herself. “Can we see her?”


“Ummmm....the nurse says that you should come as soon as possible.”


“Okay. We’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t worry honey. It wasn’t your fault.”


But it actually was. She was supposed to be protecting her. She had failed as a sister. That last thing that she had said to Lavender was ‘good bye’. Now she wouldn’t be able to say good bye to anyone ever again.


“Hello Officer. Did you find out whose finger prints they were?”


“They were Rosemary’s.”


“They couldn’t have been.”


“They were.”


“But....She was Lavender’s best friend. “


“I know. But right now that is the only lead we have and so she is our prime suspect.”










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