Marya is a typical teenager. All she wanted to do this summer was hang out with her friends; but her parents made her go to a camp for eight weeks with her sister Lavender. Marya hates everything about the camp, especially her sister. When Lavender gets injured, Marya has to face some things she would rather not face and she is scarred forever.


3. The Infirmary



“...I...s she going to get better?”


“I don’t know,” replied the nurse. “I wish there was something I could do.”


   I was standing in the camps infirmary, next to Lavender’s bed. Apparently Lavender had been sitting by the lake reading and someone had pushed her into the lake when no one was looking. She had fallen to the bottom and couldn't breathe. Luckily the lifeguard had turned around just in time and saw her plunge into the lake’s depths. He saved her and brought her to the infirmary.


   I was SO not taking a day off anymore. I had made an oath that I would keep my sister safe. I was a total failure. How was I going to explain that my sister had gone into a weird trance that she might never wake up from to our parents?


   I slept uneasily that night. Rosemary felt even worse. She was supposed to be studying with her. She and Lavender went to school together and had a science project to do together. They were trying to find out what they should do for it. But she had been finishing lunch and Lavender had said that she could come out whenever she wanted. Rosemary felt that it was her fault that someone had pushed her in.

Now I sit here at here bed. I sit here hoping that my sister will wake up and mom and dad will pick both of us up at the end of camp. I fear that that won’t happen. Why did it have to be Lavender? My only sister. My only sister that was certainly dead.


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