Marya is a typical teenager. All she wanted to do this summer was hang out with her friends; but her parents made her go to a camp for eight weeks with her sister Lavender. Marya hates everything about the camp, especially her sister. When Lavender gets injured, Marya has to face some things she would rather not face and she is scarred forever.


2. The Camp



I woke up to the annoying high-pitched alarm clock Lavender had. The sun was shining and the grounds were full of kids talking with friends. Another bad day at camp. I was the oldest one there, and couldn’t do any of the activities the others did. I had to watch them or work in the kitchen. Almost a week had passed. Only another seven. This was, without a doubt, the worst summer I had ever had. I hated the working, the watching, the getting up, the food, the cabins, and last but not least my sister and her annoying friends. I had to be the lifeguard today. Everything went fine until after lunch. After Lunch was when the girls Lavender’s age got to go swimming. Lavender couldn't swim of course, so she sat by me and watched her friends swim. Then her friend said she could teach her. So she got in.  She learned extremely fast. Soon she was just like everybody else. I decided that I wanted to watch her swimming everyday; so I signed up for lifeguard everyday. The girls were fine. But as soon as the boys got in.......


That night there was a queer sound coming from outside the cabin. It was half scratching and half hissing. All the girls were scared. So I went out and looked. It wasn’t much, just a raccoon and a snake fighting. So I told the girls to go back to sleep. I turned out the light, but a minute later I heard the door open; so I crept outside to see what was going on. I saw the girls watching the fight. It looked like the snake was winning because the raccoon was limping and kept falling down. But the snake had a deep gash in his side, blood streamed down his body whenever he moved. Eventually the snake lost so much blood that he fell down and didn’t get back up. So the raccoon started over to the snake. But he fell down half way there and stopped moving. It was all over. I tried to get the girls to go inside, but they resisted. Eventually they got too tired and went inside.


The next day, was the absolute worst. I had lifeguard again, but one of the really little kids was seconds away from drowning. But she survived...barely. Lavender was back again. She fell in love with swimming and told me she wants to be on a swim team. So I said,


“You are going to have to practice vastly.”


But she didn’t care, she just kept submerging. Then she stayed down for way too long, and so I jumped into the water. I found her at the bottom of the lake....she wasn’t moving. I pulled her up onto the dock, and she started breathing. I was so relieved. She later said to me:



“What Lavender?” I said vexed.

“Thanks for saving me.”


I mumbled a reply. She wasn’t listening anyway. Then she ran out of the cabin with her friend Rosemary. I looked around the musty, foul smelling, wood, hovel we shared. It wasn’t something you wanted to come back to at the end of the day. I looked at the schedule for tomorrow, and found out that I was babysitting the kids because the parents were going out for a thank you party for their help running the camp. JUST GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just going to be the best night of my life.....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The parents left us at seven, just when the kids started having dinner. The cooks were still there, which was good news to me. I was friends with them; and they would help me with: Them. Everything started out...okay. Well not really, no; not at all. The kids had a food fight. They were throwing things, and yelling as loud as they could. Then they ran out in the rain to get the food off. Some jumped in the lake. I called the parents. They told me to remain calm and to tell the kids that they were coming back if they didn’t behave, and then be confined to their cabins until camp was finished. So that’s what I said in megaphone, and they calmed down and started to listen to me. STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not quite all of them, but most. So I sent the good kids to the gathering hall to watch a movie and have popcorn. Lavender wasn’t one of these. Then I asked to cooks to keep all the others there, and just have them sit there and do nothing. They couldn’t even talk to each other. The bad kids even had to go to bed extra early.


The next morning the parents congratulated me for doing such a fine job. The kids were listening, and being perfect little angels. All because of what I did. They all wanted movies and popcorn. They even let me have the day off. I could do whatever I wanted.


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