He cuts, She cuts. When they meet will he let her fall into the arms of an angel?


4. See you again

3 years later

"LEEYUMM!" Niall yelled from out side my door. I groaned and got up. The memories of her flooded my mind. A single tear rolled down my cheek. I walked into my bathroom and turned on the shower. I stood under the water and let it hit my body aimlessly. I hessatently grabbed my razor. I slid it down my hips. It stung but felt good. I sighed and finished up. I got dressed and walked out into the living room of my flat. My mum and the boys were sitting talking. I plastered a fake smile on my face. 

"Hi Mum." I said pecking her on the cheek. They all shot me a look. "What?" I asked.

"Cut the crap Liam." Louis said. 

"Liam have you been doing it again?" Mum asked. I looked at her with sorrow.

"I never stopped." I whispered. She looked down. "Show me Liam." She said in a firm voice. "No. It only makes it worse." I said trying to stay calm. Her head snapped up in my direction. "SHOW ME GOD DAMMIT! YOU CAN'T USE THIS AS A RESULT TO YOU FUCKING PROBLEMS!" She screamed. I slowly lifted up my shirt. I took it right off. I heard the boys gasp but I ignored them. 

"YOU FUCKING HAPPY NOW? GLAD YOU GOT YOU ANSWER? YES I FUCKING CUT! DEAL WITH IT CAUSE I DO! YOU MIGHT THINK THAT I HAVE NO REASON TO CUT BUT I DO. I CUT BECAUSE I CAN'T TAKE THE HATE I CAN'T STAND THAT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HATE ME!" I screamed. She moved back in fear. Tears freely flowed down my face. I turned to leave when Zayn grabbed me and hugged me. I cried into his shoulder. I sobbed my whole life story. I even told them about Jasmine. I told them even after 3 years I was still hopelessly in love her. How I would give anything to fine her. I suddenly felt a pair of soft lips press against mine. My eyes shot open as I pulled away. I saw a girl who looked my age. She had black hair dip dyed pink. I looked into her eyes and realized it was Jasmine. I pulled her back down and kissed her passionatly we broke away for air and I pulled her in for a tight hug. I sobbed into her shoulder. "I'm so sorry. Jazz I'm so sorry." I cried. She rubbed circles into my back. "Shh baby it's okay. Shh" She whispered. "No. I left you. I never called. I deserve everything I got." I sobbed. She pulled away.

"No. Liam you had to leave. You were 17 I didn't expect you to call. You don't deserve any hate, or anything bad. You are perfect in every way." She told me.

Jasmine's POV

He shook his head."I'm not perfect, I'm useless, I'm ugly." Tears streamed down his face. The rest of his band and his mom were sitting around us in silence. Liam cried and cried. I held him and rocked him back and forth. He gripped on to my sweater. His eyes were shut tight. Tear flowed down his cheeks. I stroked his now short hair. His sobs quieted down and his face eased. I felt Liam's breathing even out. His lips were slightly parted. He was now asleep. He was perfect in every way. Three of the boys got up to drive Karen home. One with tanned skin stayed.

"I'm Zayn... his best friend." He said. His cheeks tear stained.

"He hates himself. What happened?" I asked not really prepared for the answer. I took a deep breath.

"Well I knew about getting bullied in school... he constantly told us about you. He would tell us that leaving you was the worst thing he ever did. I'm the only one who found out about his cutting. I was sharing a room with him and his shirt was up while he slept. I was worried so I hacked his twitter. Within the past year he has recived thousands and thousands hate messages. It has really gotten to him. I've tried to stop him but he is so determined. A few weeks ago he was jumped by a few guys out side of a bar. Lou and I stepped in before they could do a real number on him. We drove him home and he kept saying they were right. Lou dropped us off Liam walked in and locked him self in the bathroom. I heard muffled sobs. I knocked on the door, he wouldn't answer. I tried to open it but it was locked. I kicked it in and had to fight him to take the pills away.........Jazz he needs you. He talks about you like you are the only good thing in his life. That's why I flew you out here..... He needs a rock something to hold on to. Please don't leave him." Zayn told me. I looked down at Liam he looked so young. It hurt me to think that anyone would want to hurt him. He still had a death grip on my sweater. 

"I won't ever leave him." I said. 

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