He cuts, She cuts. When they meet will he let her fall into the arms of an angel?


1. Beautiful Release

I wept and wept. The hate filled my texts, email, twitter, Facebook  I could barely hold on. I stood up carefully and made my way to the bathroom. I opened the drawer slowly and found my razor. I silently cried. I locked the door and turned on the shower. I took off everything except for my boxers. I let the hot water hit my back. I crumbled to the floor. I strengthened my grip on the blade. I pressed it against my hip and dragged it across. I made a few more cuts. I heard a knock on the door. 

"Li hun are you alright?" My mum asked me from behind the door.

"Yeah mum I'm fine." I said. My voice cracked. Tears flowed faster. She knew something was wrong. She started to bang at the door. I yelled at her to go away but she wouldn't I curled into a ball and cried ignoring everything. I continued to cut. Soon pink water was flowing into the drain and my top half of my thighs and my hips were red. Blood flowing out. I shut my eyes. I opened them and stood up. I turned off the shower. I slipped carefully back into my sweats and jumper. I cleaned up the blood and hid the towels. I opened the door. My mom stood their crying. 

"Mum what's wrong?" I asked pulling her into a hug. She held onto me tightly. She backed away and walked into my room. She told me to sit down. I was really confused. Then she walked over to my computer. I froze I forgot to log out of everything. "Liam. Why didn't you tell me about all of this? Like they are being really mean. Why?" She asked. "Cause I can handle it." I said dryly. A notification came up on my twitter. She clicked it. My jaw dropped it was a picture of me changing in the locker room. Fresh cuts lined my hips and sides. You could also see the cuts on my legs. The caption said "Try harder next time Payne and just kill yourself already!" My mom looked at me. She had tears streaming down her face. Then it hit me. She knew, she would stop me from cutting. My only release. 

"Liam take off your shirt." She ordered. 

"No." I said dryly.

"Now I want to see them." She demanded. I slowly lifted my shirt up now crying harder than ever. She gasped. I was sobbing loudly and uncontrollably. She wrapped me in a hug. She rocked me back and forth gently stroking my hair. I felt my eyes get heavy. I was soon asleep.

Karen's POV (Liam's MOM)

My perfect baby. Why would people hurt him. He is broken. I haven't seen him cry like this since his grandmother died when he was 7. I laid him gently on his pillow and pulled the covers over him. I went down stairs and called my best friend Rachel. She lived in America and had a daughter about Liam's age.

Phone Call (K-Karen R-Rachel)


K- Rae... It's Karen.

R- hey Karen how are you and Liam

K-Rae I'm good but Liam isn't. 

R-Karen what happened?

K-He is getting bullied. I was on his twitter, Facebook  and email. He is getting so much hate. He started to cut. I didn't notice till now because it was all over his hips and thighs. They took a picture of him in the locker room. You could see all the fresh cuts. They told him to try harder next time Rae. They want my baby to die.

R- Karen breathe. You now know. You can be there for him. Have you thought of rehab?

K-No. But rehab is too expensive. I don't know what to do. He is scaring me. He wants to die it's horrible. He just broke into sobs not even 10 minutes ago. He was wailing and sobbing. Occasionally he was scream that it wasn't fair and why did he have to live and the he just wanted to die. Rachel I can't loose him. It's killing me. 

R- Karen send him out here. It might be better for him. Plus my daughter can help him feel welcome. I really do suggest that. Maybe for a month or two just so he can get better.

K- Okay Rae. I will send him out tomorrow. I have to go. Love you.

R- Love you too K.

End Of Phone Call.


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