He cuts, She cuts. When they meet will he let her fall into the arms of an angel?


3. Back Again

Liam's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I sat up and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and hopped in. This time I didn't cut. I had no reason to. No body here hated me so I could start over have a new life. I quickly finished up. I wraped the towel around my waist and headed back to my room. Once inside I put on my boxers and jeans then I white t-shirt and a plaid button up shirt over top but left it open. I grabbed my bag and headed down stairs. I saw Jasmine at the bottom waiting. "Hey babe." I said pecking her on the lips. She smiled and blushed. We put on our shoes and started our walk to school. 

"Don't go near me in school." She said. I stopped and looked at her. 

"Why?" I asked. 

"Because I'm not popular and I don't want you to be like me. I mean you are drop dead georgous, kind, funny, sweet, strong, and BRITISH! and I'm just fat, ugly, weak, and american. You can do so much better." She said. I grabbed her hand.

"Jazz you aren't any of those things, you are perfect in every way. And if they don't like me because I hang out with the person I care about most in my life then screw them. I don't care about them I care about you." I said before kissing her. We pulled apart and continued to walk hand in hand. We got to the school and she showed me the office. I grabbed my time table and text books along with the locker information. I found my locker and put my books in. I grabbed my Chemisty and English book. 

"Hey hot stuff." One girl said. Her friend handed me a piece of paper with 4 numbers on it. I smiled then walked away trying to find Jasmine. I found her. The four girls from earlyier grabbed me. "Don't go near her. I hear that she is a hooker on 5th avenue." One girl with red hair said. I scoffed and went to Jasmine. We started to talk. When a girl with blonde hair came up and pushed her. "Bitch stay away from him!" She spat. I pushed her out of the way and kissed Jasmine. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I kept my hands firmly on her waist. People started to whisper and talk. But we didn't care. We had each other. It was at that moment that I realized that I loved her. "I love you." I whispered. She smiled. "I love you." She said back. I placed my hand in hers. We decited to take the rest of the day off. We were walking home when I got a phone call.

L- Hello?

???- Liam it's your dad.


G-You have to come back to England. There are some legal issues that your mum, you and I need to work out.

L- No. I can't leave.

G- You have too. It's the law you are only 17. Your plane leaves tonight and 6.

He hung up before I could tell him off. She looked up to me with sad eyes. "Babe... I don't want to leave..." I told her. "Then don't" She said. "I have to... I'm only 17 I have no choice... I could cause big legal problems. Please don't hate me." I whispered. She kissed me. I started to deepen the kiss. We broke apart and prepared for our last few hours together. 

~Skip to Airport ~ 

"Jazz even if we do loose contact.. please don't ever cut again. I love you so much baby." I said cupping her face tears streamed down our cheeks. We kissed and said our final goodbyes. We both started to walk away. I looked back but she was gone. 

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