Black Bean

Black Bean is famous. He is riding in a limo with some friends when he sees a person in need of help. His friends don't want to help the person, but Black Bean helps him anyway. Then Black Bean goes on an adventure like no else.


3. The House



When he got to the front door he found it wide open and that this house was trashed. All his valuable things were gone! The police were still there so he ran down to them and said that his house was robbed. They locked the doors from the outside so Seashell couldn't escape. Then they grabbed the fingerprint stuff from the back of the car and went up with BB. They didn't find any fingerprints so they concluded that it was a group that robbed his house by the mess and that they were wearing gloves. Then they left to take Seashell to the police station. Black Bean started to put back everything that was thrown around and found something very interesting. It was a red smudge. Only the shoes of Fred (one of his friends) could have made that smudge. He tried to call his friends to tell them that he knew they had robbed him. But he found that his phones were missing. How was flabbergasted at why his friends would do that to him. He took some money went to one of his limousine's got in, told the driver to go to a phone store and went and bought some new phones. He also took some money out of his bank account since his friends stole some of his money. Then he went home and told his servants to took them up. His servants weren't there when the break-in happened so they didn't know about it until they got to the house for work. He also told the servants clean up the rest of the things that was throne around the house. A couple days later Black Bean hired a private investigator to see if his friends are really his friends. The private investigator overhears Seashell say that he likes Black Bean but is afraid of him because he is rich and whenever he comes near him cops come and take him to jail. Once the P.I. tells BB that Seashell likes him but is afraid of him he goes to visit him in jail. He tells him that he heard him say that he likes him. Seashell admits that he likes him and wants to be his friend but he can't be friends because he is in jail. But Blacky says that they were friends now to the guards and other things. The cop eventually let Seashell out of jail and they went back to Black Beans house and Seashell took a shower and got some clean clothes. Then they went to get something to eat, some Italian sodas, and some ice cream. They had lots of fun then they made times to meet vat Seashells house the next day to go rock climbing. Then they took Seashell home. Black Bean had had a busy day and went to bed early. The next mourning Black Bean took a shower, had some pancakes and bacon for breakfast and went to start writing some scripts for his next movie. After he wrote the script one of his servants revised and edited it. After he printed the finished version out he put a bind on it. Then he put it into his brief case to take it to work tomorrow. Then he got in his limousine and went to pick up Seashell. Seashell and BB had a marvelous time rock climbing at Biggie's Rock Climbing Gym. Blacky found he had a talent for rock climbing. Seashell was okay at it. Not as much as BB though. “KICK ME IN THE THROUGH BECAUSE I AM CHOKING” Seashell said that because he was choking from exhaustion. So Blacky kicked him in the through and he came back to normal. They went for ice cream after. They took Seashell home and then BB went home to rest before he presented his script tomorrow. When he got home from presenting his script to his company the P.I. was their to tell him something he found out. But just then a big fire erupted from his kitchen. He ran outside with everybody else. Just then a fire truck came and put the fire out. Only the kitchen was damaged seriously. Just then Seashell was getting lowered into a vat of toxic waste by an evil doctor/brother. He was trying to call BB but he wasn't picking up. Finally he picked up after the tenth time and Seashell said “Help me”. Then hung up. BB understood and went to Seashell's house right away. He jumped in his sports vehicle and turned his red light on then put his speed up high. Blacky got there in no time. “NO!” Came the sound of Seashell's bean-like voice. “Help!” “I'm coming Seashell,” said BB. He went to Seashell's bedroom and saw Seashell being lowered into a vat of toxic waste by his evil brother. Black Bean jumped into action. He went over to the evil brother and punched him quite hard in the face. As a result the evil brother got knocked out cold. As soon as that happened he brought  Seashell over out of the vat area and cut him down. Seashell was saved. After that Seashell and Blacky went out for some thing to eat and had a lovely discussion. The discussion was that Seashell and BB decided that they would write a book about their life and publish it so that other Beans could read their fantastic story about Seashell's fanatic brother and much, much more.



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