Black Bean

Black Bean is famous. He is riding in a limo with some friends when he sees a person in need of help. His friends don't want to help the person, but Black Bean helps him anyway. Then Black Bean goes on an adventure like no else.


2. The Diner


                 He went into the small and mostly empty diner and found some wounded beans lying on the floor with some others trying to help them. Since Black bean had recently finished medical school he decided to help the hurt ones. He had just started on the first bean when he heard a distant beeping sound. He looked all around and saw a small but powerful bomb attached to one of the hurt beans. He went to that bean and started to get it off the bean. He soon got if off. He had just through the bomb off into the woods somewhere when he heard and saw a big explosion where he had just through the bomb. He was glad he had got it off on time. After Blacky finished bringing the wounded beans back to health, he found some ping-pong paddles and a ping-pong table in the corner of the diner. He decided to have a ping-pong tournament with the beans. He was a very skilled at ping-pong. When the tournament was over Black Bean had lost. He had messed up and that effected him in the end. Soon after the tournament was over Seashell walks into the diner and says “ What are you doing here Black Bean? Those beans are suppose to be dead!” “ Well they aren't,” replied Black Bean. “How did you escape from jail anyway?” “ They left my cell unlocked one night so I just walked out, and here I am.” Just then some cats walk through the open doors of the diner. Seashell sees them and says” What are two cats doing here?” As soon as seashell turns away the cats shape shift into cops! Seashell turns around to see two cops standing their. He tries to run but the cops are too fast for him. They take him down and one of the cops drag him to their car. The other one stays behind and says “Hey aren't you Black Bean the famous movie producer?” “ Yes I am,” says Black Bean. “What are you doing here?,” says the cop, “ I don't think a famous person would hang out at this dump.” “ Yea but my friends told my limousine driver to leave me as soon as I got out of the limo so I could give money to the hobo bean outside.” “ Why?” “ I don't know. But I had to save some of the money so I could eat something and call one of my limousine's to come pick me up.” “ We could give you a ride home if you want.” BB accepted and was soon home.

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