The dream

Jessie is 15. She lives in a house with lots of other kids in it. The owners of the house adopt as many kids as they can. The only friends Jessie has are her books and the stories she writes. Jessie has had a horrifying dream for the past two years. She always wakes up drenched with sweat. What does this dream mean? She's scared to find out.


2. chapter 2

A graveyard at night.

By a mysterious house.

A scream breaks the creepy air.

Not just a scream, a scream that curdles your blood.

A mysterious creature getting closer.

The next thing you know-


I wake up in a sweat again.


"Jessie, come downstairs and do your chores," I hear Mrs. Johnson, one of the owners of the house, yell up the stairs.


"Be down in a minute," I yell back.


As I wash the dishes after breakfast I think about my dream and why I have it.

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