Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


5. What is happening.

Annabeth POV

I Woke up to rays of the sun through my window, I feel great and fresh. I actually feel like I've got enough sleep. Its a great way to start my day, but thinking about going to one direction concert tonight saddens me. Hopefully I will survive all those long lagging hours being annoyed by all those crazy fans. Plus, realizing that Kait bought us vip tickets so basically we get to meet them, omg can I just stay in this house instead. I walk down the long stairs to the smell of breakfast being cooked. Then there is My sister And nubia sitting down eating pancakes.

" goodmorning Anna "  they yelled with  heartwarming grin, the girls looks like they're ready for the day.

" Morning,Nice outfit girls. " I replied with a smile.  "oh, thanks for breakfast also " I added.

They looked at my unready outfit and look at eachother. I hurried and finish my pancakes.

" girls, give me 5, be ready at the door " I told the girls.


I look around in my closet to pick an outfit, round and around. I guess I need to look a little nicer for today because we're going to Los Angeles mall and I could careless about what I wear to the concert tonight, so I slip on my favorite shirt, which says " infinity " across the chest, dip dyed shorts, liner, mascara, fav purse and im ready for the door.

Elizabeth POV

We just left the los angeles mall, so glad. Now Anna is driving us to stable center. I am super excited, so does Nubia but not so much for Anna and its obvious that shes trying to hide her dislike for one direction.

She parked the car, and reality hit me. I am actually going to see one direction and meet them in person. this is a dream come true and it is coming true right now. I cant believe this. I went ahead and shove my body for a hug to my sister. " thank you. thank you for everything" I said  tears coming out of my eyes. She smiled. And guided me inside the Arena.

We are sitting in the very very front, like we could see them perfectly. Thanks to Cousin kait, I can never thank her enough. The crowd is going crazy because the show is about to start, after two minutes the crowd grow even more louder, posters were everything in the Arena because the boys are on stage now. they are performing LWWY. Niall is in his white tank top but jeans, his is only tight on his legs, harry is wearing a peace sign shirt and some super tight jeans that I can tell he have a thigh gap, Louis is wearing a blue shirt  is he goin  surfing and a black jean, Zayn is in his all black suit, looks such a gentleman, Liam is in his Blue shirt with America flag on the corner of his shirt and jeans, but not as tight as harry's. They all look beautiful. Best night of my life, so far.


Annabeth POV

Finally the show is over and I just want to get meet and greet over with. Alright. They said their goodbyes and I told the girls to go to backstage to meet and greet, I was secretly hoping to get it done fast, hoping they wont notice. We walk up through backstage and got in a line.

" Anna, Me and nubia is going to the bathroom, we been holding it since the show started so just wait for us in the line. " Elizabeth yelled it to me through the chatting of the crowd. I nodded and stand in line by myself awkwardly. Time passed by, and Im pretty close to the front now, the girls need to hurry up.


All of the sudden, I can feel the ground trembling. the lights on the ceiling are moving violently and the ground is shaking harder and harder. What do I expect, I'm in California. quite violent. The people were rushing to get out of the building except me, I was trying to run as fast as I can to find my sister with violently moving ground and people going to the opposite way of me. I feel dizzy and I can feel that my feet are still going. Nearly all the lights are off but I can still see my way, people are pushing me to the exit but I cant. I need to find my sister.



Harry POV

I cant believe this is happening right now, I was right on the middle of meet and greet. The earthquake is still going on, nearly all the fans are outside the building as fast as they can, the lads, I have no idea where they went they were just here a minute ago, and I? I was hiding under the table, what am I thinking.

As I crawl out of the table, I see this girl going an opposite way from the exit. I looked up and see that the pole ahead of her o the ceiling is about to fall down, and she is going that way to the almost falling pole.

" aye you lady, get out of there THE POLE IS ABOUT TO COME DOWN. " I yelled hoping she heard me.

Im sure she didn't hear me because all the screaming. Nancy, my manager  is going to kill me if I get hurt but I gotta do what I have to. I ran to that girl, as I watch the ceiling pole about to come down and hit her, I grabb her hand tightly and pulled her toward me where the pole wont be falling on. Her body fell on top of me as she starts yelling.


"  are you hurt. " I said slowly, trying to calm her down.

She got herself up and tried to stand up but fail. It looks like she broke her foot, it was grossly twisted,guess I pulled her too hard that she tripped and fell on me.

" Im sorry, i'll take you to the doctor " I said.

The quake stops, and the lights are finally on full blast. I look at the girl and I see tears in her eyes, but her face stunted me, I was speechless, my breathe was taken away.



" leave me alone I need to go find my sister, leave. " she says as she try to pull her self from the ground but fail.

" let me help you " I reply

" NO JUST GO I DONT NEED YOUR HELP" she yelled at me.

This girl has something different, something I've never seen before.

She is helpless with her broken foot, so I picked her up and hold her against my chest I hope she doesn't mind, she cant afford to walk or she will get hurt more

" what are you doing let me go, you bastard " she screams at my face.

I smile because she looks funny trying to be mad, when she knows she need my help. Although she still looks priceless and quite beautiful.

With her on my arms, " Where do you think your sister is? I'll help you find her. " I said with a smile.


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