Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


34. True Love.

Annabeth POV

I take a look at the clock, it is 10:30 pm.

" Wanna watch a movie then, since It looks like you don't want to go back to the hotel ? " I ask him, although I feel so restless.

Both Elizabeth and Nubia are no where to be seen now, I'm guessing they're upstairs.

" perfect! " He reply back in an excitement.

Again, I pick the movie, Pitch Perfect sounds just right.

Harry some how found a blanket, then starts sharing it with me, I smile at him in a form of a thank you.


Harry POV

After 30 minutes of the movie, I feel something slowly leaning on my shoulder, Annabeth. She looks so innocent when she's asleep, he eyes close perfectly, Her eye lashes performed together, don't get me started on her cute baby face and her rosy pink lips. She is beautiful in every which way. I've seen so many girls but never have I feel so attached to a girl like this before. I want to spend every second of the day with her, I've love to be her boyfriend but I'm in the middle of my career, plus I'm not even sure how she feels.. I'm just so happy with her.

" I'll never let you go. Annabeth " I whisper quietly and slowly

" You're my everything " I know there is no going back now.

I'm falling for you, Annabeth. I'm falling for you, can you hear my heart beating for you?

I lean closer to her side and give her a gentle kiss on her forehead, my lips touching her soft skin.

I tlit my head a bit that it gently lands on Annabeth's.

I've had a long stressful day, and I'm ending my night great, next to her.


Annabeth POV

Somehow from the sound of the movie, I'm awake, barely.

I look over and see Harry by my side laying happily, his legs cross my body giving my body a heartwarming warmth, his arms are crossed over my side give me the feeling like I'm safe like nothing could effect me as long as I'm here, his perfect, angelic face is facing me, I can hear his breathing ,soft and slowly marinating my ears. Then I notice my arms are also cross on his body, my legs also. I have no idea how but its there and I'm not planning on moving it.

I feel so happy and protected, its been a while since I feel like this.

This is really happening. Thinking back when I disliked him, how did I do that?

Everyday, Harry, everyday, you make me gain feelings for you.

There isn't a day went by since I met you, that I didn't think of you, Harry.

The thought of you make me feel alive, make me feel loved.

Don't ever let go, Harry. Catch me first.



Elizabeth POV

I decide I should go down stairs to get some chips for tonight's movie. My breath was taken away seeing Annabeth and Harry cuddling, both asleep. They are the cutest. Since the movie is still going on and they're both asleep, I slowly tipping my toe to turn it off. Then I take another look.

The way they both lay together, the way Harry's head lands on Annabeth's, the way their legs crossed eachother's, the way their arms attached each other, the way they look so happy being next to each other even know they're asleep, the way they look like they're meant for each other.


I might be 12 years old but I know this is love, this is True Love.


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