Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


35. The start of something beautiful

Annabeth POV

I lift up my body awake to my phone sending me an alert. " Doctor appointment for foot "

Already? I thought to myself, time went by fast. 

Then I notice Harry is awake because of the loud noise my phone made.

" Sorry, harry it was an alert. "

" Its okay " He send me a smile.

" I have to go catch the doctor at 10 " I lay myself back on Harry.

" I'm going with you " Harry said his morning voice, it sounded beautiful as he starts playing with my hair.

" I admit, that was a great night of sleeping " He winks at me.

" Whatever, Harry " As I push away his face playfully, making me smile.

He lift me on his arms and roll around until his body is on top of me, holding back both my hands.

" What are you doing get off! " I yelled and start laughing.

" I call shower first " He stare at me in my eyes and giggle as he let go of my hands. I blush.

I watch him as he ran upstairs.

I walk up after him, I feel totally fine walking up the stairs now, my foot is perfectly able. So today, I hope I get this stupid thing off.

I sat on my bed waiting for harry, going through my social networks.


" Annabeth are you there?! " I heard a yell from the shower.

I should reply right? " YES?! " I answered.


" I forgot to grab a towel, could you bring one for me please ? " I hear an echo.

Oh god, help this guy. I start my finding for a clean towel and caught it on my hands.

I walk to the bathroom door.

" okay. I'm going in , Harry "

I didn't hear a sound but I decide it would be okay.

I push the door knob.

" Wait Annabeth! "

I took a step in and saw a butt naked Harry for a second and had to close my eyelids, shit sorry.

" Harry, here get your thing " I said as I skim through the place for harry's hand while my eye is completely shut.

I hear noise going around, as I'm about ready to get out of the bathroom.

" aye you can open your eyes now " I heard harry's voice, I'm scared to open my eyes.

He starts laughing, " Really! you can annabeth "

I trust him and I slowly open my eyes.

I see a beautiful man standing next to me, of course he covered his bottom with the towel. Harry does look like a baby tarzan with his hair wet and his bear chest still have drops of water on it.

" Thanks for the towel " He smirk at me.

" You scarred me for life! "  I tried sounding mad but fail.

" You know you like it " He winks at me again, that's my weakest spot.

I walk out the door before I start blushing even more, this guy us a trip.


Harry POV

Annabeth should already be dressed and ready so I decide to enter the bathroom where she is in.

I wrap  my arms around her waist,

" Since I have today off, lets go to Disney land? " I smell her perfume, a flowery smell that I love.

" If " She said.

I lift one of my eyebrows up.

" If I get this stupid on my foot taken off, I'd really hate to walk around Disneyland with crutches. " She reveal.

I got my finger crossed.


Annabeth POV

We finally arrive at the hospital, we got our appointment checked out as a nurse lead me to a room.

" please wait here, the doctor will arrive shortly " the old lady said.


5 minutes later my doctor arrive.

" Hey! Harry I havn't seen you in a while and here she is my favorite patient! " The doctor said cheerfully.

I just smiled and Harry shake his hands.

" How is your foot feeling ? "

" It feels completely normal, doctor " I reply to him, hoping he would just take the white stupid thing off of me.

The doctor starts doing check-ups on my foot for about 10 minutes. I sat there with Harry holding my left hand, I was scared honestly.

" oh wow, this is amazing, it only took you 2 weeks for your foot to heal most people takes about a month or more! your foot structure is amazingly strong, you're foot is completely able. " He congrats me.

A wide smile spread across Harry's face.


" Thank you, doctor  " Harry and I said it at the same time. okay then harry. The doctor looks playfully suspicious.

" You guys are cute, really really cute " The doctor said as he walks out. Harry squeeze my hand and smile directly at me with his gorgeous eyes.

We both walk off the hospital, I agree that my walking feels a little odd without the crutches but I just need to get back to my past routine.

" Let's get you a new pair of Shoes, get your sister and Nubia, then we are set for Disneyland " Harry said happily.

I got on my tippy toes and give him a quick kiss. " Its going to be a great day "

As long as Harry is by my side, Any where I would go as long as he is by my side, just about anywhere.





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