Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


36. Spy.

Elizabeth POV

I did not feel like waking up to go visit the doctor with annabeth this morning, so I didn't bother telling her. Its been 5 days now that I woke up with a headache but today is with a huge headache, it hurts so much and I couldn't even try to get out of bed. I feel like my head is going to explode. So I basically stayed in bed all day.

" Elizabeth, are you alright? " I heard nubia.

" I don't think I am, Nubia"

" what's the matter ? " She ask as I can feel her on the side of my bed.

" I been having a headache since for about 5 days now and its not getting better, it hurts for me to even speak, Nubia " I told her as my pain turns into tears.

Nubia wipe off my tears. " I'll get you some medicine "

" Thanks, but don't tell Annabeth. I'll be fine by tomarrow anyway. " I hold her hands, trusting her.

" Eliza, I don't think that's a good ide.. "

" Please, Nubia. I want her to be happy with harry and she will finally have no worries. " I beg her.

She slide off the little pieces of hair that was on my face.

" Alright, alright. "


Nubia POV

Elizabeth looks really bad. I'm hoping its nothing serious, but she looked horrible. It looks like she had so much pain and I felt like crying from pain with her.

I pop her some medicine and stayed with her until she fall asleep.


She is finally asleep.I really hope she will be okay tomarrow, I just can't stand how she looked this morning.

It is about 10:45 am and I hear the front door crack open.

I see a guy with a long mustache and beard.

" Hey there, is annabeth here? " He said sounding suspicious.

" Uhm, nope " I reply awkwardly.

" If you don't mind, who are you? "

" I'm Annabeth's doctor "

" Well, I forgot to give her this medication form for her foot " He smile, trying to be friendly.

he handed me the paper sheets.

" Hi I'm nubia. Thanks, i'll give it to her " I smile back.

Then the doctor sat himself down on the couch as this place is his home.

" if you don't mind where is Annabeth? " He ask.

I feel a little creeped out.

" I thought she went to see you. " I ask nervously.

" Oh! that's right .. "

" She's probably on her way home. " I looked for something to talk about.

" What about her sister? " He ask, which I thought it has nothing to do with Annabeth's foot.

Alright, why does he wants to know this? but he is just a doctor. So I guess that's what a doctor suppose to do. And plus I could get tips on how to help Elizabeth.

" Annabeth? oh, She having a really bad headache. she is asleep. "

" Oh, well I think some medicine should do it " He did not sound like  doctor.

" if you don't mind, how are you related to Annabeth? " he ask

" I'm her  niece . But it looks really really bad and its been 5 days and hasn't gotten better " I reply back,then I ask myself why did I tell him.

" She'll be fine I know " He said which makes no sense to me.

" I think I better go "

" bye! "

He walked off the door, that was weird.

I sat down on the couch and try to regulate about that doctor.

He did not look or sound like a doctor, does not have the knowledge of  a doctor, plus he asked some weird questions. What was this guy doing here.


Nancy POV

" boss, she got a sick sister and a niece name Elizabeth and Nubia" I hear him over the phone as I hold a cup full of tea.

" good work, Justin. Keep an eye on them " 

" and it looks like Harry is with Annabeth right now "  his report made me drop my tea.

I hang up before I feel like firing him.

8 more days till the one month time is over, harry. 8 days.

Getting a spy is the right choice for me, I congratulate myself for that.






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