Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


63. Not to her, not again.

Justin Pov

Max is coming here in any minute, and i have no idea what to do. I sense that i need a gun as a protection. I rush down to where i hid my gun quickly. Annabeth looks confused over my rushing minutes. 

" Max, he is coming here in any minute now, we dont have alot of time. We need to make an escape " i told her, handing her a gun. 

She looks shocked, horror fills her face.
" but we will be fine. We will. Trust me " i reasure her. 

" i believe you " her voice starts vibrating.
I grab her hands getting ready to jump off the window since the front door would be an easy notice. I hear annabeth foot steps on the ground safely as i hear my door crack over wide. I need to go. I threw myself into the gravity of earth. 

I can feel the watery grass upon my body. 
" are you okay? " she asks.
" never better " that was my reply to her. 

" YOU LITTLE BASTARD BETRAYER GET HER BACK HERE! " we both hear the big muscular guy telling from the window we jumped from. 

" quick, run ! " i whisper to her. 
We both ran our legs off to the groceries store a mile from the apartment. I hope we are safe here. Annabeth bought some water as i sat myself down catching for air. 

" thank you, justin. Thank you for choosing the other choice " Annabeth says fixing my hair. 
" I'm only a human " i told her the truth.

Annabeth Pov

Tonight has been a crazy night. I don't know how harry will react to this when he find out the truth. I can't keep it away from like how i have been hiding those phonecalls from nancy. It has gone too far. 
All i know right now is, I'm scared. I want to be back in his arms, where i feel the safest. I cross my arms keeping my self warm. Then i notice justin looking at me and starts unfolding his jacket from his body to mine. Then he goes back to being my security checking if any if them is following us. 

" justin " 
" yes " 
" thank you " i thank him with a simple smile. 
Then he turns to me. 
" not to sound weird or getting in to your personal life or anything but how did you stand it. " 
I know exactly what he is talking about. 
" i just look for things in life that keeps me going, a motivation. " i answer him.
He looks puzzled.
" my motivation to hold on is honestly Harry. " i spill it out, hoping the puzzled look on his face would dissapear. 

He took a second to comprehend. 
" oh i get it, he is the reason you have hope " 

"  he is the reason i live " i look down at the floor trying not to let my tear falls. 

" i dont really have anybody else except him. I know the future is uncertain. But i hope for the best. I honestly wouldnt know what to do without him. " tears starts rolling down now as i start missing him. Justin leans closer gave me a hug for my comfort.

" I'm so jealous of you " justin still holding on the hug. 
I turn to him and gave him a confused look.

" I never have anyone caring for me, my whole family never cared. They left me when i was 15. I have never loved anyone or felt loved before. "  what he told me breaks my heart as i see him wiping off his tears. 

I turn to face him. 
" you know what, you have me. I'll be there for you, justin  " i gave him a smile. 
Then he shoots a smile back. 
" thank you " he squeeze my hands. 
Its really sad, a guy like justin doesn't cry this easily. That subject did really touched his sensation. The fact that he never felt loved is crazy. The fact that his family never cared. The fact that they left him. Its unbelievable. Thats twice as worst as my experience. 

We both relax for a little while as i ask him to go get some water in the store. 
I walk down the aisel, trying to find a pack of water. Its 2 rows down as i try to reach it as soon as possible. 
I grab the package and there he is, max. 

" ma .. Max " i whisper to myself.
" you can't escape me, Annabeth. Never " 
" JUSTIN HELP ! " i starts running as  i yell across the store hoping he would hear me.

Harry Pov
I stayed late to help with all the stuff because this is our last tour in america branch. Then i starts wondering. 
I ask the mates if they see tracks of annabeth anywhere and they all said no. I ask lou, paul and everybody else and the answer i got was no. I'm getting a little worried but I'm sure she felt tired and had to go back to the hotel. But she usually waits for me. 
I need to stop and think positive. 
I says bye to everyone as paul drive me off the arena. I try calling Annabeth but its left unanswered. She probably is asleep, i hope. I just want to get to the hotel as soon as possible. 
My gut feeling is telling me that something bad happened. Please, not to her. Not again.

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