Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


65. Lets do this.

Harry Pov

I got off the HUV and hurry in the hotel.  I hold the keys to unlock the door. I shove myself in the room.

" Annabeth " i whisper. 
I walk all over the hotel room. 
Annabeth is not anywhere. I'm getting really worried. Where would she be beside here?. Trying to keep my mind positive but failing at it.
 I know something is up and its not something good. 

I start getting ready for bed, trying to calm myself down and keeping my mind positive. But i keep thinking about Annabeth. Hoping she will come back later today. I cant sleep, thinking of all the possiblities that could happen to her. 

It is about 5:30 in the morning as i am still awake looking through my instagram timeline trying to clear out my head.
Suddenly, a phone call pops out on my screen. It says restricted number. This could be my answer.
I answer the phone.
" Harry Styles " the voice says.
" Hm, yes ? " i answer.
" nice talking to you again, styles " the voice has a deep tone to it. 
" lets get to the point here " i call, feeling nervous.
" Annabeth, Your girlfriend " 
I wait patiencely, almost to the point of giving up. 
"  Be sure to come get her " i listen to him as he tell me the address.
And he hangs up. 
By the phonecall, it was hard to guess who that was. But i know he is not up to any good. 
I'm on my way to get her. I grab my wallet, phone and I'm off the door. I'm coming for you Annabeth.

Annabeth Pov

By the color of the sky, i could tell that it is still night. I'm currently still trying to get some sleep. But i can't. I keep thinking about what max would do to harry, what max would do to Justin and I. 

I didnt even notice that i fell asleep untill i woken up to the rays if light from the window. I turn over to justin, he is still asleep. I'm so jealous.
I hear cracks coming from the outside of the door as it opens up.

" Goodmorning " he yells aloud, I'm sure he pretty much woke Justin from his sleep. 

After the yell Max throw us 2 plastic plates full of chicken and some rice. 
" here your breakfast, eat it " 
I see justin body rise up from the floor. Justin was struggling to held his body up so i hold his arms close. 
" Your little Prince, Harry Styles is coming for you. " 
I feel a rush of happiness from knowing he is coming for me, and of course nervousness.
" then i'll finally get my revenge. " 
" DONT TOUCH HIM. I'M BEGGING YOU, KILL ME, KILL ME AND THATS IT NOT HIM" tears force itself doen my cheeks.
Justin holds on my hands to comfort me.

" aw you guys are cute. Dont worry you will both die together its a happy ending " He shoot me a cocky smile. 
" why, why are you doing this " my voice cracks. Max turn to not face me.
" Do you have how much pain you and your little lover have brought to my sister? More than you think. She loves harry styles, she would do anything for him. She spend most of her life loving someone who will never love her. You never know how hard she tries. And now she is spending HER WHOLE DAMM LIFE IN A FUCKING JAIL BECAUSE OF YOU. " he turns his head back yelling at me as i see his eyes creating tears. 
I was speechless at his reaction.

" but you dont have to do this, max. You have a choice. " i heard justin from behind.
Max storm away before a word spills out.

I look at justin with teary eyes. It actualy doesnt hurt me knowing that I'm going to die, it hurts me knowing that harry will get hurt and possibly justin.

There was a long moment of Silent. 
" Annabeth, track your foot down for the metal spoons and give it to me! " justin whisper to me.

I began doing the order. It took me a good couple minutes for my foot to grind up the spoon. I can feel that justin is using his foot to cut my tied out rope. 
The rope are now apart from eachother as justin set me free.
" oh my god " i was shocked at how easy that was as i began to use the spoon to cut justin's rope. 

About 2 minutes, we are both free from our guards.
We hug eachother, knowing we actually have a chance for a fight. 
But I know we need a neat plan. An idea pops up on my head. 

" what about you go take care of Max and i'll find my way to protect harry " justin nod at my ideas.

" lets do this " 

** A /n **
Hi you guys thanks for reading ! ( like always (: ) favorite and heart, i love you.  :) 
Just giving you a notice that i'll be lagging on updating because my trip back. But i promise to update as soon as i have a chance. I love you guys, be sure to check out my newest movella Beloved (: 
Thank you x 

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