Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


55. Job and lovers

Harry Pov

Its an early morning as i realize Annabeth is not next to me. I look over and i saw her facing the window. I got up and walk over to her. I globe up my arms on her to comfort her, she is crying. 

" thanks harry " she looks at me with tears in her eyes. I wipe it off as much as i could but more keep falling down. 

" i dont know what to do next, harry. My cousins are coming down to get Nubia and i just dont " she paused. I understand her position. 

" we will figure things out okay. Dont panic " i calm her down.

Not so long after the house bell rings. Annabeth and i walked down stairs for the door.

" Hey there Annabeth! , oh hey look who's here harry styles of one direction " i heard a lady voice, british accent.

i shake her hand and lead her inside as Annabeth sits on the couch. Nubia appears coming down the stairs with suitecases. I see where this is going. Annabeth greets both of the lady, talk a little about the incident. I was holding her hands tight when they were talking about elizabeth. 

" i'm glad you have harry, Annabeth. You are everywhere on the news! Its crazy " one of the cousin says.

Annabeth and i smile at her awkwardly. 

" but good news is, one direction is in need of a new manager. You could fill the place in

annabeth. I'm sure you need a job since.. Your sister .." 

Annabeth is starting to get in depression mode but i stopped her from thinking about it. 

" she will take it " i say squeezing her hand and smile. She smiles back, a nervous smile. 

" thats great! You're hired Annabeth. I know your going through so much so i'll give you the rest of the summer till job starts in september " the cousin sounds cheerful.

I heard a thank you from annabeth as nubia came to give me a goodbye hug. Nubia give 

annabeth a kiss on the cheek and whisper something to her. 

The last thing i know is we waved them goodbye. 

Annabeth and i got in the house and lay on the sofa. She stares at me with her big brown eyes.

" i cant believe i just got a job " she says.

" A job that would put you to be with me" i corrected her. I love how that sounds. 

I caught a smile on her face, i havnt seen it in the last 24 hours. 

I love you Annabeth, with all my heart. 


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