Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


66. I promise.

Harry Pov

I follow my GPS as it takes me to this old warehouse surrounded by acres of farmland. I step out my car as i take a deep breath. Am i ready for this? I hope i am. I grind my back pocket searching for my knife, check. I'm ready.

I walk through the old rotten looking gate.  Entering myself to the danger i could already smell. 
All of a sudden i feel shadows coming my way as i hide myself under a wooden table. I got my knife off my back pocket, ready to attack. The step grows faster and faster my way, holding the knife tight in my hand.

" Oh my god its you, i found you " i see annabeth knee herself down in tears. 
From happiness i hold her tight.
" you scared me to death " i whisper to her, securing every inch of her. 
" Lets get out of here " i say grabbing her palms tight. 
She split our connection.
" harry, i can't leave my friend. I need him to come with us " she says softly.
" Him? " i repeat. 
" yes, HIM. His name is justin. " she repeats it again. 
I sigh. I don't like this. How did Annabeth met this Him? I mean justin. 
" we dont have much time, we need to go find him, harry " she pull me away into the wrecked building. 

Justin Pov

I've been searching for Max, but pretty much failing at it. I hope Annabeth is alright, but most of all i hope Max did't caught Annabeth. All it is here is wrecks, wrecks everywhere in the middle of no where. But in the positive side, i'll have a good hiding spot if something happens. 
I keep tiptoeing hoping to find max and hold him down before he found out that we escape from the room and find Annabeth.

" hey i see, you found your prince " 
I heard max's voice and immediately hop on a hiding before he notice me. Who was he talking to? 

" looking good harry, long time no see " , yup this is bad. 

" I know your relation with Nancy, but you don't have to do this " i over heard harry's voice. 

" I just want a happy ending for both of you. " he yells in a cheesy tone.
Both? That means Annabeth is with him right now. 

2 seconds later i hear dozens bullets being shoot into the ceiling, as i hear screams from Annabeth. It also makes a large hole into the sky. I'm sure that that was a murder call. I can't let this happen.

" So who wants to go first ? " Max laughs out. 

Annabeth Pov

Harry and i made our way into the buliding wishing for luck to find justin and to fastly head out of this hell. But luck isn't coming for me today, as we enter the room, the light flicks on and we both see max standing there with a gun in his hand. 
Harry stands beside me, holding my hands tight. He slowly leans closer as Max starts talking to us.
" i've got a knife in my pocket " he whisper to my ear.
I sigh heavily. Compare to a gun, a knife is nothing. 
I was going to answer him back but got distracted by dozen of bullets being shoot into the ceiling. No lie. I screamed. The noise of the fired bullets vains my ears. 
" so who wants to go first " i heard max. 
I take a deep look at harry, i would't be able to stand seeing him dead. 
" Max, You kill me! And let harry go. He has nothing to do with this " i step up infront of harry. 

Harry Pov

Annabeth's reply to max cut deep into my heart. She would die for me to be alive, i just can't stand that. I'm suppose to be the one to protect her, like how i promised Nubia to. 

" No, I die and you let her go. You always hated me. This is your time " i gently push Annabeth to my back. 

" You're right, harry. I'll take your deal. " Max shoot me an evil grin. 

I can feel Annabeth's body disobeying my order. But i put all my strength on her to make her stay safe, behind my back. 
I love you, stupid. I love you. stay there where you will be safe. I said to myself wishing i would have a chance to tell her. 
Closing my eyes, I can feel the ray of the gunshot spotting at me on my left chest. 
Flashes of the fans, my career, the mates, my family, Annabeth, sinking down through my head. 
It all comes down to a single promise. 
" please harry, promise me you will protect, be there for Annabeth. " Nubia's voice pops on my head. 

" i promise " i say out loud to myself. 

" NOOOOOOOO MAX PLEASEE  " i heard Annabeth's voice cracks into a cry. 

" i promise " 

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