Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


53. Forever and Always.

Nubia POV

All of the sudden it starts raining and we just heard a loud lightning strike. It sounds pretty scaring and mournful. Harry and Annabeth are dancing to slow jams as I'm still  eating, wishing Elizabeth is here with me.

Annabeth phone which is right next to me starts ringing.

I walk quickly to hand it to her, I see the screen says it is from the hospital.


Annabeth POV

" Hi, are you Annabeth Ashford? "

" Yes, yes mam " I answer.

" We have a situation at the hospital. Elizabeth's aunt Nancy Pegan came to visit and.. "

I stopped her.

" Aunt Nancy Pegan? She does not have any aunt. "

" That's interesting " The girl's voice sounds nervous.

" Nancy Pegan is the killer of your sister, the hospital staff is praying for you, I am sorry "

" Wait, my sister is?.. "  I struggle in confusion.

" Nancy Pegan committed a murder crime. she is already taken care of by the police. " she clarify.

I drop my phone. My world has fallen, harry was here to hold me before I land to the floor.

" My sister is dead.. " I told harry, my voice is broken.


Harry POV

I caught her right in time before she was falling right when she drop the phone.

Her voice is full of horror, pain.

" Elizabeth is dead " She says again but this time she starts screaming, throwing everything close by everywhere. She is breaking down.

" who, who killed her ? " I ask

" this fake aunt name Nancy Pegan, the police already got her " Annabeth looks at me, I see servere pain all over her teary eyes. Nubia starts crying with her.

Nancy is the killer, my manager killed Elizabeth. I can't believe this. I never thought she would kill someone. Not ever.

Annabeth is hugging me tight. I can hear her loud tear falling. I cry with her. She is in so much pain I could feel it. I waited.

" Lets go to the hospital, I'm ready " Annabeth says, with a hurtful look in her eyes.


Annabeth POV

I'm in the car, holding Harry's hand as a shield before I fall apart even more. I look back to the back seat, seeing Nubia in tears. She is in so much pain just like me. I hold her hands and reach to wipe her tears.


I walk in the hospital, I could barely stand. Harry is the one holding me up right. Nubia is following us in.

" You're going to be okay, i'll be here right by your side " I heard him.

I faked a smile for him.

Harry avoid the interviewers for me, I probably looks horrible with all the tears but at this point I don't care. I'm so hurt, I don't feel like being alive. I lost her, the only one I will ever have, I wasn't there for her, my little sister is dead. I keep reminding myself that and it cut me, razor sharp.

We are infront of the 450 room now.

" Are you sure, you will be okay just to be there by yourself? " Harry looks concern as I ask him to leave me right here.

" Yes " I say barely breathing.


Walking in the room, hearing nothing but my own foot steps. I see Elizabeth body, dead. I try to hold myself together but I can't, I collapse to the ground.

A second later I hold myself up again but this time to a chair right next to her bed.

I see her lifeless face, giving me pain shocks. My Tears falls on her bed.

I manage to fix the hair that was on her face, she still looks beautiful lifeless. I let more tears fall out.

I touch her soft angelic face,

" I love you so much, I wish I had a chance to tell you that " I lean closer, pool of ears is creating on my eyes.

I kiss her forhead.

" I'm sorry I wasn't here, I'm so sorry " The pool of tears fall out, landing on my sister's sweet cheeks.

" Mom and Dad is going to be mad at you about this, Elizabeth. You're going to be in much trouble. " I close my eyes, tears rolling down.

I hold her hand.

" From the very start, you were such an annoying little girl. Remember when I was 15 and you were 8, I would always mess around with you and you would cry then we would pinky promise, then we would steal eachother's food and had food fights. that time when I taught you how to ride a bike and we both got scratches on our knees, when we were playing basketball and I accidently hit you on the head, when we stick up for eachother when we lost our parents and I still remember how we would go shopping together, just sisters " Talking to my dead little sister.

" I met Harry because of you, I want to thank you for that. Its just sad how you're not going to be able to see how happy we are now " my voice cracks. I can feel tears everywhere on my face.

" I don't understand, we lost our parents just awhile ago and now I'm losing you, You were the only thing from mom and dad that I have left and I lost it. I lose you. I would expect losing you as to other man who will love you for who you are for all your flaws. but not like this. This is not the way I planned it "  I wipe off some tears but more came up, my eyes are burning.

I hear two knocks on the door as I hear a voice.

" 2 more minutes left. "

I sigh. Then I turn around and continue.

" I'm going to miss your laughs, your happiness that always shows when you see something one direction. You change my life, sister. Remember the time I hated one direction? Ya you change that. Now I don't dislike them and I am in love with one of them. " I manage to smile through the words.

" I love you, I love you so much. why did god destined you to leave me.. why " I shake her hand.


I wipe my tears out completely, holding myself together.

" they say nothing last forever, that's not true. My love for you will lasts a lifetime I promise. " I hold her hand to touch my heart.

" I love you, Elizabeth. Forever and Always "


** a/n **

Two long chapters for you guys before I go. I hope you enjoy and stay tune. Its going to be either a sequel or updates, I need you guy's opinions (:

thank you <3 x





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