Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


18. Follow your heart.

Nubia POV

Eliza and I walk in the kitchen table feeling a little awkward when both Harry and Annabeth just sat there looking at the table. Did we interrupted them or something..

I'm siting next to Annabeth and Elizabeth is sitting across me, she is sitting next to Harry.

" Hi guys " I wave to Anna and Harry, hoping to erase the awkwardnesss.

" Oh uhm, ya. Let's eat shall we " Annabeth said, finally seems awake.

I can feel it. There's something that I need to know. I look at Eliza and glance at Anna and Harry. I know it that something is going on.


Elizabeth POV

" Thanks for coming, harry " I thank him while he is finishing his last forkful of lasagna.

" No, thank you may I ask, who made this? " He asked sounding interested.

" Annabeth, sorry does it taste weird or.. " I reply to him.

Harry has his eyes on Annabeth, their eyes met.

" It taste delicious, it reminds me of the lasagna that my mom makes me " their eyes are still looking into eachother's.

Nubia looks at me, confused. I really need to catch her up.

" Thanks, I guess  " Annabeth threw words to harry.


When we all finish our food, Harry helped Annabeth to the couch as Nubia and I are doing the dishes. This is a perfect time to catch Nubia up.

" Harry have you know those feelings for Anna " I told Nubia straight off.

Her mouth was open with amazement.

" that's sucks for harry..  " Then she replies to me.

"  I know, I'm a little worried. Annabeth is really complicated when it comes to this kind of stuff. Plus, harry is from one direction, makes everything even worse, only if she wouldn't care so much about what band he is in. " I let out a sigh. 

" The only key, She just need to follow her heart, Its the only way she will ever love. " Nubia said as she start getting the water ready for the dirty dishes, we need to hurry up so we don't miss the movie.

Although, I agree with Nubia, strongly agree.


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