Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


24. Beautiful

Harry POV

We been sitting here just enjoying the view of this paradise, Annabeth is on my arms, can this day get any better. I could stay like this all day.




All of sudden, Annabeth looks up to my eyes making me blush. Then she starts laughing, well that's embaressing. I hold her up and leading her to the cool beach water.

" Aye remember, I got a broken foot! " she reminded me what I already know.

I got in the water, her broken foot is not touching the water. Annabeth uses her other foot the swift the water on me, it got all over my chest, she thought it was funny.

" you're not going to want to mess with someone who have no broken foot " I let out an evil laugh.

She smile, bigger than ever, then she stare at the horizon. I can see her eyes sparkling.


" that looks beautiful " She whisper to me.

" I've seen something else that's more beautiful "


She looks at me in a fake confusion look and smile.


Annabeth POV


I am above the water while Harry is holding me. We talk and then i see the most beautiful horizon. Nothing is more beautiful than this, maybe.


Its so beautiful, its hard to not take my eyes off of it. I look up at Harry, he is staring at the horizon also. His perfect hair, eyes and face flow together like a perfect match. I'm right, Its not the Horizon that is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen its Harry, Harry Styles.



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