Kiss Me.

Anabeth, a normal 19 years old girl . Have no interest in One Direction at all. Her little sister, Elizabeth was depressed because of the car crash that made them lost their parents, Since her little sister became a directioner, It all changed. But that did not change Annabeth's point of view of one direction.

What happen When she meets one direction, Harry Styles. Will She change her mind, not change her mind, or will she fall and what will happen next?


8. beating hearts

Nubia POV

I lead niall to Annabeth's bedroom as niall lays her down, I asked " Why didn't harry  come with us ?" I should of asked this earlier but I guess its never too late.

" he told me hes going to find the missing girl then follow the address that I just texted him. " niall said in a beautiful voice that mellows my ear drums.

I nodded, We just sat there awkwardly because we both doesn't know what to talk about while I'm dying inside to fangirl over him right now but I don't wanna seem weird to him. I really hope Annabeth wakes up soon before this gets anymore awkwarder, I admit I cant stop looking at him. Then I notice niall's phone vibrating.  


Niall POV

Its been about 2 and a half hours now and the girl is still unconscious. I sat here awkwardly while Nubia is looking at me creepingly. It seems like she wants to talk to me but too scared to, I mean I have no idea what I would say to her either so we were just in silent until my phone start vibrating. I got a text from harry.

" Harry's coming and he got Elizabeth with him " I smile to nubia

" I knew that harry got this " She said In a bubbly voice.

After all the high fiving and laughs of happiness, I heard Annabeth moving, Nubia is now beside her bed.

" where, we're at home? Wheres where is Elizabeth ,nubia " The older girl asked in confusion.

Annabeth was trying to move out of bed but failed because of her broken foot which I guess she forgot she had a broken foot.

" They're are coming " I heard nubia. She said in a nice joyful voice.

I caught a smile on the older sister face and I cant help it but to be happy about it too, i'd be miserable if I lost my siblings. Then she looks at me.

" Nubia, is that niall from one.. " Annabeth said in an annoyed voice.

" Yes, I'm niall, Harry told me to drop you and nubia off at your place " I answer her question.

" uhm, what about that other guy, I think it was harr.. " annabeth questioned.

" yes harry, he was there at the arena for about 2 hours to find your sister, he found her and hes coming here right now " again, I answered her question.

She looks happy, and bummed out at the same time. She rolls her eyes at me and took and deep breath. Now I can guess why she looked bummed out.

Elizabeth POV

Im almost home after a whole conversation with harry, harry is such a fun guy and I can basically be myself with him. We had really nice and funny conversations. Plus, he found me at the arena or else I wouldn't know what to do, I'm thankful for that.

We arrive at the front door.

" thank you harry, thank you for everything " I  thank him and smile my best smile.

" no problem kiddo " He said in a voice that warms my heart.

We walked inside.

" this is a pretty big house you guys got " Harry said in a cheerful voice.

" Well, its our cousin's. She let us stay here for the whole summer or maybe more  I hope" I giggled.

Harry laughed with me. we walked up the stairs and I open Annabeth's door.



Annabeth POV


" I'm fine im fine  " I heard her respond and starts breathing again. If my sister's hurt it hurts me more.

" how's your foot " I heard harry's voice in a soft tone.

" don't worry about it " I reply to him in a voice of hatred.

I can see through the rims of my eyes that Elizabeth and Nubia is looking at me, confused with the voice I used.

" i'll call the doctor to come right now " Harry said in a low voice, like he just got hit by a meteoroid of disappointment but still forces a smile on his face.

" I don't need your help, you can go now " I said

I can see that Elizabeth is about to say something, " shut  it Eliza " I told her before she could say a word"

Harry turned around. " The reason you broke your foot was because of me, i'm responsible for it. You cant tell me to walk away from my responsibility. " He said in a voice that makes him sound unbreakable.

" I told you I don't need your help just go, leave! " I nearly yelled.

" what is wrong with you Anna, I " Elizabeth said but didn't finish her thoughts ,harry tap or shoulder.

" Its okay Elizabeth, The doctor is coming to help heal your sister's foot in about 30 minutes, Me and Niall has to go its getting late. Everything will be taken care of don't worry about anything. " Harry said in a soft voice that sound almost angelic, I have to admit hes  really good at keeping calm even know my behavior was rude but I cant help it I don't want to do anything that deals with him. He looks at me and throw on a smile that almost makes me wants to smile back but I look the other way instead. Before he walk out the door with niall , " Harry and niall, why don't You both come here for dinner tomarrow, it'd be a pleasure since what you have done for us ,we want to thank you ." My little sister Suggested. I gave her a look but she shot me an evil eye.

" I'd love to but I've got a date with Demi Tomarrow " Niall said in a happy voice like he couldn't wait to.

" OMG I LOVE DEMI,  Do you think you could give me an autograph with her signature from her i'll love you foreverrr " Nubia yelled out randomly.

" Ahem !, nubia. " Elizabeth distracted her. This conversation is going on forever, Im tired of this.

Elizabeth looks at harry with a hopeful smile.

" I'd love to but at the same time I don't want to annoy some one you know that wouldn't be fun. " Harry said with a smile while looking at me. I blushed and turned away, he needs to stop smiling at me gosh.

" Ya, that's why you shouldn't come  " I said to harry.  

Elizabeth looks at me then looks at harry. I turned around to see her face and is filled with the picture of depression she used to have. Oh my god, again. She can always make me do things with her little trick but again I cant take harry, but I love my sister. I cant imagine what she will be like if I'm not going to say something to make harry come for dinner. I got my self up, my body is still laying on the bed but my I'm in a sitting position.

" I'm sor  sorr sorry, harry. " I was struggling to say that word " You should really come for Dinner. we owe you. " I said in a voice that does not sound like me.

Harry got a hold of my back and lays me down on my bed.

" you need to rest, its getting late. And i'll try to come okay. " He smiled at me after he finish his thought.

I found my self smiling at him, I think he saw that too but I close it quickly.

Elizabeth looks happy now, So am I. I feel happy, and I have no idea why. Theres something in Harry's smiles that gets me all the time.

Harry smiled at me before he close the door, I can hear his footsteps walking away. It kinda sucks not knowing if he i''ll come tomarrow or not. Then I hear footsteps coming closer.

" By the way, If you need anything just call this number " He said as he opens the door wide and he hold my hand, open my fingers up and put a little piece of paper inside the palm of my hand and close it. again, he shot me a smile and I tried hard not to smile back so I out my other hand close to my lips,I was successful.

He walks out the door. I can feel my heart beating in a way I never felt before.









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