Spilled Drinks

Then I decided to see what people said about his personality. I guess that he's covered in tattoos, which I guess makes him some type of womanizer, according to the magazines I searched online. I glanced at him now, searching his face for any hardness or bitterness. I did find some, which frightened me. Who knows how violent he got when he didn't get what he wanted.

I definitely didn't want to see that side of him."


12. Chapter Twelve

With that, his door was closed, and I was left standing there, grinning stupidly, and biting my lip. As I walked to my bedroom, holding my glass of water, I was left to ponder two questions; What was it about Harry Styles that pulled me in? And why was I enjoying it?




"Good morning, sleepyhead!" I called out, flipping a pancake over on the griddle I had brought from my old apartment. Harry padded into the kitchen, his hair into a full out bed head. I laughed, reaching out and tousling his curls. He glared at me, swatting me away. There was a knock at the door, to which I made Harry answer. "I'm busy making breakfast! Now go!"

"I smelt breakfast, so I came right over." I wasn't sure who it was, but whoever he was, he had a British accent, so I supposed it was another band mate of Harry's.

"Ay, me too." Another voice called, which I recognized as Louis. I looked down at the small amount of batter I made, now worried I wouldn't have enough. I decided to take out a few eggs to make some scrambled eggs, putting a few bell peppers that I cut up into it, and also throwing in some salsa, then a little dash of cheddar cheese.

By the time I was finished, there were a total of nine people in our dining area, not including myself. Out of those nine, three I knew, two I recognized as Harry's band mates, and three I only faintly recognized, but was not sure of who they were. There was Harry, Niall, and Louis, who sat happily staring at the food in my hands, then a brown haired boy, whose hair was quite short like he'd shaven it off, and a girl by his side with gorgeous straight, golden brown locks and large brown eyes. She looked so innocent.

Next to Louis' side was another brunette, who looked similar to the other girl, except her eyes were even larger, and her hair darker. She was, of course, just as beautiful. Another girl was beside a boy I didn't recognize. I shook my head, smiling as I waited to introduce myself, and the food.

"Hello! You must be Harry's new girl, Heather! Correct?" The girl next to Louis said, her British accent apparent. "I'm Eleanor. I'm Louis' girlfriend." She smiled at the last part, her eyes drifting to Louis' pretty, blue-green eyes with pure desire.

"And I'm Liam, as you might know. Of One Direction." Liam, the boy with the short brown hair said, He looked over at the girl next to him, his smile huge as he looked at her profile. Her eyes were on me as she smiled kindly.

"I'm Amelia, lucky enough to have this nut job as a boyfriend." Her American accent startled me, as I was almost positive they were all British, other than the Irish one, Niall. She smiled sweetly as Liam, who rolled his eyes, but lazily put his arm around her.

"And I'm Zayn, another part of the One Direction team," he smiled, then pointed at the purple-haired girl next to him. "And this is my girlfriend-"

"Hey now! I can introduce myself! I'm Perrie." She interrupted, winking at me like I was part of some inside joke.

"Now that we're all introduced, may we eat the delicious food dear Heather has cooked for us?" Louis said, smiling happily as I began to scoop eggs onto their plates. I had managed to make just enough pancakes, a happy total of ten. They might've been a bit small, but it was worth it.

"Tastes good, babe." Harry said, to my utter fury. I swallowed back a retort, and replaced it with a smile.

"Thanks, bunny." His face turned a bit red as I smiled successfully at my plate. Most of the table laughed at him, but we soon got back to eating.

As soon as all the food was gone, the guests were as well. I found myself hugging Amelia, Eleanor, and Perrie as they stepped out the door. Amelia hung back, whispering one last thing into my ear.

"I am just so glad that Harry finally found a girl. He's really needed someone lately."

I knew I just couldn't do it anymore. I weakly smiled at her before seeing her off, watching as she caught up to Liam and pecked his cheek. I closed the door, breathing heavily.

"What's wrong, Heather?" Harry asked, his voice concerned as his figure swam into view. I shook my head, wiping my nose.

"I-I can't do this. I can't just lie to those nice people! They've done nothing to me, and here I am, pretending to be their best friend's girlfriend! It doesn't work that way, Harry. Plus, I'll never fit into this group. I'll always be an outcast, no matter what. It won't work out, Harry. They'll all hate me so much. They'll hate me!" I cried, hiding my face in my hands.

Harry kneeled beside me, his hand on my shoulder. "Heather, it'll all work out, I promise. It'll all be okay."

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