Spilled Drinks

Then I decided to see what people said about his personality. I guess that he's covered in tattoos, which I guess makes him some type of womanizer, according to the magazines I searched online. I glanced at him now, searching his face for any hardness or bitterness. I did find some, which frightened me. Who knows how violent he got when he didn't get what he wanted.

I definitely didn't want to see that side of him."


10. Chapter Ten

"Nice to meet you, Louis!" I called after him, and he shut the door behind him. I collapsed into the couch, my eyes shutting. I was entirely exhausted. And with that, I dozed off.





I heard a voice, calling right in my ear, very quietly. My eyes twitched, then fluttered open. I was face to face with Harry. I jumped backwards, frightened. How the hell did he get there? And wasn't I sleeping on the couch? I was now lying in my bed, tucked in.

"You were asleep on the couch. So I moved you to your bed. I'm waking you up because it's dinnertime. If, you know, you'd like to eat some." Harry explained, sweeping some hair out of his eyes. I groaned, sitting up and stretching my arms.

"How did you move me here? Did you drag me?" I asked, my tiredness fogging my mind up so I was groggy and incoherent.

"Uh, no." He looked at me like I was retarded. "I obviously carried you. Are you still asleep or something?"

I sighed, shaking my head. "No, no. Never mind." I tousled my hair, brushing it through with my fingers so it wasn't so messy. "What's for dinner?"

Harry looked sheepish as he turned away. "I haven't actually gotten it yet."

I laughed at him, sitting up and reaching for my phone which was lying on my brand new nightstand. I started to type in a number, then pressed the call button, hearing the phone dial then ring.

"Who are you-" Harry began, but I shushed him, holding a finger on his lips. I ignored the fact that I was touching Harry Styles' lips, major mistake of mine, and focused on the call.

"Hello, this is Chinawhite Restaurant, how may I help you?" A woman's voice filled my ear as I smiled at the familiar voice.

"Hey, Rose! It's Heather! Can I have the usual, but make it two egg drop soups and more fried rice?" I said, my finger still touching Harry's lips. He didn't even try to break away, only staring at me with a confused look.

"Ah, yes! Heather! Right away! Usual address, right?" Rose asked, to which I sighed and frowned.

"No, not the usual address. I moved." I told her the address, and said goodbye. I hung up, taking my finger off of his lips, and wiping it on my bed sheets. "Gross." I muttered, reaching for my hand sanitizer in my makeup bag. I wiped it on, all while Harry stared at me with a completely bewildered look on his face. "What?"

"What the bloody hell just happened?"

I laughed, shaking my head. "Calm down, it's just takeout for God's sake!"

"Oh! That makes sense, I suppose."

He started to get up and leave, but I had to ask him something before he left. "Hey, Harry?"

Harry turned, stopping in the doorway. I continued what I was saying before. "Where were you today? Where'd you leave to?"

Harry just shook his head. "I don't really have to answer that question. See you when dinner comes, Heather." With that, Harry left the room, shutting the door forcefully. I flinched when it slammed shut, the noise too loud for my tired mind.

"No need to throw a tantrum about it!" I yelled, throwing the blankets off of me and standing up. I heard his footsteps come to my door before it was thrown open. His face was unreadable, except for a small flicker of pure fury. I reached behind me, fingering my phone, just in case.

"I-I have nothing to say to you, Heather." Harry muttered, his eyes flickering to my hand lingering on my cellphone. He then took a steady breath, turning and leaving once again. I restrained from yelling at him more, afraid of seeing an even angrier side of him. I gripped my phone, curling back in the bed with it resting on my stomach.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I stood up, running out my room with my wallet in hand. I ran smack into Harry, who happened to be right at the door. He smacked into the wall, me accidentally pressing into him, hard. I stared at him, openmouthed, as he stared back at me, eyes wide. I cleared my throat, stepping away. I opened the door, now awkward, hot and sweaty.

"Heather! And... friend?" It was another one of my friends at Chinawhite, Li. He stared at Harry and I, handing me the food as I handed him some crumpled up dollar bills. He raised his eyebrows at me, and I just shrugged. Harry reached over me, his arm against the wall, creating the effect that his arm was actually around me.

"Well, see you around, Heather!" Li waved, smiling. Harry shut the door, then faced me and took the food, any contact and niceness gone in an instant.

"I'm going to eat in front of the television. You can eat... wherever." Harry mumbled, taking his food into the other room. I took mine, sighing, and sat at the kitchen bar all by myself. I thought about jokingly saying 'Boy, this sure is lonely!' or something along the lines of that so he would sit next to me, but he wasn't even in the mood for looking me in the eye, let alone talking or sitting by me. He was like a moody, hormonal teenager. It was annoying, and I just wanted him to shut up for a few minutes and give me peace.

"Guess you're upset with me, eh?" I called, taking a sip of soup. There was no immediate answer, so I guessed that he was choosing to ignore me, or give me the silent treatment like the immature child he was.

"You ask way to many questions." He growled from the other room. I closed my eyes, gripping my spoon tightly. Why was I so afraid?

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