Spilled Drinks

Then I decided to see what people said about his personality. I guess that he's covered in tattoos, which I guess makes him some type of womanizer, according to the magazines I searched online. I glanced at him now, searching his face for any hardness or bitterness. I did find some, which frightened me. Who knows how violent he got when he didn't get what he wanted.

I definitely didn't want to see that side of him."


8. Chapter Eight

When we arrived back at our room, we separated rooms awkwardly. "See you in the morning, I guess?" I said, tapping my nails on my bedroom door. He nodded curtly, his smile tiny.

"G'night, Heather."



When I awoke, I knew something was definitely not right. I looked around the room, realizing that it wasn't mine. While I knew that I was in a different apartment, I also knew that the decorations just weren't me. I needed to redecorate, and I needed to do it right at that second. I pulled out my laptop, making quite a few thumping noises as I fumbled with the cord. Then I reached into my unpacked suitcase, taking a rubber band out of my makeup bag. I pulled my hair into an insanely messy bun while the laptop turned on, taking it's sweet time as usual. My laptop was an old Toshiba that just barely worked. I searched for a furniture store nearby, taking advantage of my day off from work. Then I heard a knock on the door. I wiped under my eyes for any makeup, knowing I looked like crap, and opened the door in only a white tank top and silk pajama pants. It was Harry, who was shirtless and wearing only a pair of plaid boxers. I turned my head away, shielding my eyes from his abdominal muscles.

"Hey, cover that thing!" I complained, my bottom lip sticking out in a pout.

"Why the bloody hell are you up so early?" He said, rubbing his eyes as I stared at him with a utterly confused look.

"Harry. It's nine o'clock in the morning. I get up at five. I slept in four entire hours!"

He sighed, frustrated. "You are insane then! What are you doing?"

"I'm going to buy decorations. It isn't nearly attractive enough in this place." I informed him, my eyes straining not to look at his stomach. Why was this so hard for me to accomplish?

"Here, let me give you some money for that then." He turned to step into his room, but I stopped him. I wasn't going to let him pay for this; I had terrible shopping habits, I just couldn't stop.

"Harry, it's okay. I don't want to start to buy clothes and more with your money. I'm a terrible saver. Opposite of frugal." I told him, my arms crossing over my chest. I was beyond ecstatic that I'd forgotten to take off my bra.

"I honestly don't care what you buy, just try not to spend over a billion dollars." He smirked, stepping into his room and flicking a credit card at me. I caught it in midair, my eyes wide with surprise. "Now let me sleep in peace, okay, sweetheart?"

I shook my head. "I'll let that nickname slide, this time. Thanks, Harry. I promise to restrain myself." I smiled, turning and stepping into my room. I closed my door, grinning widely. I was just given permission to buy whatever the fuck I wanted. I was over and beyond the moon by now.

I changed into a tan tweed pea coat and a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, then slipped into a pair of boots. I brushed my hair out and put it in a sock bun, then began to apply my makeup. I wiped off last nights black smudges, then reapplied some eye-shadow. I traced my eye with some black liquid eyeliner, then brushed some mascara through my lashes. I took out my phone, checking for any e-mails from my work. I had only one, from Ann. All it said was:


'Good job last night; the paparazzi are eating you up! Much love, Ann.'


I took a deep yoga breath, smiling it out. As much as I didn't want to be super famous, I knew it was now inevitable. I looked into Harry's open door, spotting him unconscious, with all of his blankets flipped up on the end of his bed. I paused, feeling guilty. I couldn't just leave him like that, practically naked and with no blankets. I tiptoed into his room, pulling the sheets over his peaceful sleeping body. He didn't even stir. I smiled, satisfied, then left the room. I pulled the door closed, and made my way out of the room. I walked down the hall and pressed the elevator button, smiling when I realized it was Nate. I idly wondered if he had abs like Harry did...

"Hey, Heather!" Nate called, smiling at me happily. I waved back, greeting him as well. I stood inside the elevator, gripping the golden pole once again.

"Not a big fan of elevators?" Nate said, calling my attention back to his perfect blue eyes. I smiled, shaking my head.

"Not at all! They just make me feel so helpless and dizzy." I explained, looking up to the ceiling for an escape route. There was nothing but a giant mirror that covered the entire expanse of the elevator top. That made me terribly upset.

"There's a hatch behind me for emergencies, Heather." Nate whispered in my ear, his cool breath blowing a few strands of hair away from my face. Whoa, he was very close, which reminded me of Harry just last night...

"Well, we're at the lobby! See you next time," Nate winked, a smile growing on his soft-looking, pink lips. "Miss Heather."

I melted inside, nodding at him when I couldn't say anything else. I drifted out the building, still thinking of Nate's perfect pink lips. I almost ran into a few people, but it didn't matter, it was New York City. Everyone ran into each other on the crowded sidewalks.

I spotted the first furniture store I could find after walking quite a ways. It was a Modani furniture store, which I had never heard of until I took a step inside. There was modern furniture everywhere I turned, with beautiful decorative things placed elaborately. It was perfect in my mind.

I picked out a white table lamp, hoping to find a desk to put it on. As I thought of the size of the room in my mind, I measured the items I hoped to get. A sales assistant soon came up to me, a guy with spiky hair and a smile the size and shape of a banana.

"Hello! Welcome to Modahhhni!" He said, dragging out the 'ah' in Modani. I smiled, shaking his outstretched hand. "I'm Gregory! I'm going to help you out today, darling!"

"Okay, sweet. I'm Heather." I replied, pushing the cart in front of me, with my one item. His eyes widened at the lamp, clucking his tongue wildly.

"Uh, uh, uh, sister! " He said sassily, his finger in the air. "We are going to find you some good items! Did you measure your room?"

I shook my head sheepishly. Why hadn't I thought of doing that? Now I just sounded stupid. Gregory, however, brushed it right off.

"We'll send some people right on over! What's your address, sweetheart?"

I told him, watching as a few people rushed out of the store, probably in the direction of the apartment building. "I have to call someone to let them know that people are coming." I said to Gregory, holding a finger up. "One moment, please."

I dialed Harry's number, hoping it was going to be one of few times I actually had to call him. "...Why."

I shook my head, hiding a smile. "People are coming over to measure my room, kay? Okay! See you when I get back! Bye-bye!" I said quickly, hanging up before he could say another word. I turned back to Gregory with two thumbs up.

"Shall we, darling?" He said, gesturing to the expanse of the store. I nodded, prepared for the store that would probably make me cry by the prices. I then followed Gregory, looking to and fro at the furniture that would hopefully soon fill the apartment bedroom.




"Thank you for shopping at Modani, Heather! Hope your apartment looks as fabulous as you do!" Gregory called after me, his smile huge as he waved me off. I had a fantastic time, and ended up buying decorations for the entire apartment, not just my room. Luckily, I came for a sale, and spent a huge amount, that would've been much larger if Gregory hadn't helped me.

I took a ride to the apartment in the Modani shipping truck, all of the goodies in the back. I talked with the truck driver, who was surprisingly as nice as Gregory. Did all of these fancy-pantsy stores have awesome customer service?

I knocked on the door, the first of the stuff behind me being carried by two burly men. The door opened, and it wasn't Harry. It was some other guy, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked confused for a moment, then seemed to recognize me. "Uh, hello?"

"Hi," I said awkwardly. "Where's Harry?" He turned, as if he actually didn't know he was in Harry's apartment. I guess it was my apartment as well, but I didn't like the sound of Harry and I sharing an apartment.

"Harry? Uh, can you come over here?" His Irish accent was strong when he spoke more words, and Harry came up behind him, luckily with a shirt and pants. His eyes widened as he let us in, and I stepped inside. I tried to look as confident with the stuff as I could, but embarrassment was boiling at the pit of my stomach.

"Nicely done, Heather." Harry complimented me, looking at the desk lamp Gregory insisted I got instead of the apparently 'bland' lamp I'd chosen.

"Thanks." I said, smiling. After all of the stuff was unpacked, I realized how little I'd actually gotten. At the store, it felt like the whole apartment would have to be emptied out, but I was relieved to find that I'd only gotten a few items.

"So, you're Heather, eh?" The blonde one was suddenly by Harry's side, looking me up and down. Harry hit his arm, shaking his head and smiling.

"Niall, she's my girlfriend!" Harry laughed, winking at me. Guilt washed over me as I realized that literally nobody knew about our fake-relationship. Now I had to act like I actually really liked Harry. I smiled, shaking my head, hoping I looked like an embarrassed girlfriend or something. It seemed to work, as Niall smiled, shaking his head.

"Oh, Niall, we all know that you still like-" Harry tried to speak, but Niall punched him in the gut, his face turning red.

"NO." Niall turned to him, speaking to him in a low whisper. "We don't talk about her, alright?"

Now I was curious. "Who?" I smiled sweetly, hoping to get the juicy details of their personal lives, just like Ann wanted me to.

"Doesn't matter." Niall muttered, brushing past me and out the door. I raised my eyebrows at Harry, who just rolled his eyes.

"I'm going out." Harry said suddenly, looking down at his phone with a suddenly dark look covering his features. Just a second ago, his features were nice and playful, now I was a bit frightened.

"Where to?" I said, moving some of the decorations out of their boxes and into the place I'd imagined in my head. Perfect.

"I'm going out. Not you. So it shouldn't matter." He said stiffly, making me flinch. My eyes were glued to the lamp, afraid to look up at him. I didn't want to upset him at all.

"Okay.." My voice was quiet and wavering as I turned away, rushing into my bedroom. I heard him sigh heavily, before hearing the door slam shut. I sat there, hands shaking, wondering what the hell had just happened.

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