L.A baby

when my best friend and i ur sleves in L.A for the year ...........


2. planning


but ally what happens if we get cought " getting on  the wrong plane "   ally 'we can deal with that if it happends but untill then we can just have fun' i still hate the idea of lieing to my mom and going to a totally diffrent place but it could be fun you know me and my bestfriend in L,A  thats it its decied we are going , 



so i need summer cloths  and some trendy shoes !! kaylee we hit the airport tommrow and we have to be at the school an hour eirley so make shur your thereo okay

its settled we are going to L.A  i cant waite  maby we will even see taylor launter or justin bieber  the two hottest guys in the world if onley we could meet them my life would be compleat

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