L.A baby

when my best friend and i ur sleves in L.A for the year ...........


3. making it happen



kaylee and i meet at the cornour at 6:45 and head to school  we see all the buses and  head to our class room when we get ther e we see all sorts of colourful suit cases neon pink and green bright red and yellow zebra print all sorts of stuff i had packed as many outfits i can because we plane to stay ther elonger than a week ( 6 months to a year ) becase if my mom finds out that i wwent to lA she would kiis me so we r just gonna have the best year ever and well get punished later but for now we are going to la


IM SO SCARED of what could go wrong with this plan my mom could call and ask to speak with the teacher or she could come up and visit me like its such a risk but im gonna do it for ally


well  we are on our way to the air port and im getting ready because this plane switch has to be relly quick otherwise the teacher will notice so we walk in to the air port and we see a large family of 13 so we sneak in with them and eventully find our plane as we get on we see one of the girls in our class but i dont hink sge saw us so were safe we puulled it off ive never felt so free in my intire life



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