L.A baby

when my best friend and i ur sleves in L.A for the year ...........


1. how it happend



i woke up to my annoying alarm clock onley to relize its 6 am . uhh why. I finnaly drang my self out of bed i eat my cereal (fruit loops) brush my hair get dressed brush my teeth do my make up and start walking to school to meet mt best friend kaylee. we meet up at the cornour like 2 mins away from my houseas soon as i see her i ran up and gave her a hug we walked to school . as we come up to the school we notice the hottest boy in our grade blake . as we pass him we see him walk up to his girl friend clair eww just the thougt of her makes me gag he could do so much better ( with someone like me or kaylee ) but no he would raither have that piece of poo. but anyway we walk in to school and get our regular seats right beside eachither we listen to lecture on human rights and at the end of class we have to stay for no other reason than passing notes     after we are done we go to the best class art where we get to draw paint ect and listenn to music  at the end of class the teacher announces that we will be going on a trip to chicago to go see some famous art but we live in kintchner ontairo so we have to fly to get there ally and i look at eacother and scream we get to go to chicago ............


two weeks later


we have handed in our permission forms and made the payment its official we r going to chicgaio  but while kaylee and i are sitting in the class room we were talking about how hard it would be to *finger qouats* get the wrong plane and end up in L.A **finger qouats**

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