L.A baby

when my best friend and i ur sleves in L.A for the year ...........


5. date night

allys p.o.v

we walk out our hotel in the morning and decied to go site seing we are walking around and than this jerk of a guy bumps in to me  i turn around onley to find hes hot relly hot we exchange numbers and he calls me and says hey ur the girl i ran into today right ? i replied yes he then says why dont i take you out on a date to say sorry li said i would love that we meet up at this cute little diner and sit down he asks me about my self and i reply he i asked himabout him self and when he took off his sunglasses i could tell who he was than it hit me .he was taylor launter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cpuld ll my dreams be comming true i couldent believe it when he dropped me off at the hotell he says when can i see you again i reply with a kiss after the kiss i look in to his eyes and reply soon .verry soon  he says as he walks away i couldent believe i just went on a date with taylor launter


taylors p.o.v

this girl is so sweet so down to earth so normal i never want her to change ever but i do want to change one thing i want her to be mine


kaylees p.o.v

im happy for ally its just we cant to L.A so we could have a good time two girls in the big city i gueesed that changed but that means its time for me to step up my game

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